April 30, 2005

HRC 10th Anniversary, Las Vegas Review

HRC, Las Vegas
Theatre Under the Stars
April 30, 2005

NOTE: This was my very first Bon Jovi concert ever. And as such, I thought it only fitting to copy and paste the exact words I wrote after the concert in 2005 and posted on Backstage, because it reminds me of the innocence and magic of my "first time". So pardon the excited 16-year-old's voice that permeates this entire thing. :)

All I can, or could, say is....WOW. The concert was AMAZING...from the lights flashing on and off to people screaming and punching the air to the upbeat choruses of Livin On A Prayer or You Give Love A Bad Name, right til the very last second when the guys shook hands onstage and finally left. Every minute truly was magical (all cliche descriptions aside ) and I would not have traded a second of it for the world.

I was amazingly and very curiously calm for the hours before the show, which made me mad!! My friend insisted it was the "lull before the storm" and that in about 40 minutes I'd be mad with excitement. Well, she was right!! Starting at 7:00 when I was still in line at the Mandalay Bay for a taxi (all we did was wait in line all weekend when we weren't at the concert), I got the pre-concert jitters, and they came HARD. We met a few ladies in front of us who were headed to the concert, (they don't belong to the board, I asked), and we all traveled together, ALL of us excited and anticipating. When we got to the Hard Rock, the sight of the long line for Nine Inch Nails set me off again, and when I saw the Theatre Under the Stars I literally screamed.

Lines were pretty easy, because we were a bit late, and as soon as I sat down in my seat my eyes were glued to the binoculars watching the stage crew in hopes one of the band members would come onstage for something (which, of course, they didn't). I also looked for celebrities, because that bit of the surprise wasn't a hoax, the VIP area was roped off, and could have sworn I saw Jennifer Anniston and my friend swore she saw Paris Hilton, but neither of them were on the list on bonjovi.com when I checked a minute ago.

The guy who owns Hard Rock (what's his name? Michael something?? Lol I couldn't remember, even though his name was mentioned several times last night) then announced that "In 5 minutes, the guys we all wanted to see would come out and rock the night." Well, after about 15 minutes of waiting, their van pulled up in the back and over the wall I could see people getting out (we were in the back bleachers and had a perfect view of the stage). It was honestly like a movie when Jon got out, almost like slow motion, I saw one gray-slacked leg and one black-leathered arm and then sexy blond hair and that gorgeous smile step out and I swooned so much I thought I would faint. 10 minutes later, the lights went out and the beat to Livin On A Prayer started and from that moment on I didn't stop screaming.

Jon was in such a good mood last night; he was quirky, sarcastic, funny, and all-around silly. There was one time when he stopped to talk to the crowd and then he looked up at the people standing in the balconies of the HR Hotel and asked if they could hear him. They all screamed and waved and he just smiled and said, "What's the matter? You too cheap to buy a ticket??" and everyone laughed, himself included when his attempt at a straight face backfired, and he apologized, claiming that he was in a weird mood "because it's Vegas" and that he'd join them to drink everything in their mini bar later. LOL. Then later when he announced Runaway, he "took us back to 1984" and said "And here, ladies and gentlemen, a new hit.....Runaway! Taking us back to 1984....and I'm just as pretty as I was back then." That was really cute. He referred to "Johnny's Church", too...I believe all he said was at the end of a song, "You're in Johnny's Church of rock and roll now!" He also presented a few of his famous booty-shaking acts, turning around to give us a great view of his gorgeous buns.

I was also very pleasantly surprised, when I zoomed in on Jon with my binoculars, that he looks as amazing as he does in pictures. He honestly doesn't look fake or much older or saggy with wrinkles or anything, he looks great. When he smiled, it was just as dazzling as in an arranged professional photo shoot, and his face is just honestly as gorgeous as anything. David and Richie looked fantastic too; Tico was totally in his own, pounding away on the drums with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. ANd his hair was a bit puffy, it was really funny, but all in all he looked great. All the guys just looked awesome, just as they do in pictures; I had been a little anxious to see if they looked different in person, and they didn't at all. I was staring right at the beautiful faces we all know from online or magazine photos, and the fact that they were so real made me discover another reason to fall deeper in love with them.

Jon left halfway through the show for a few minutes and gave Richie the stage to sing I'll Be There For You (which he did beautifully, by the way). His parents were in the audience apparently, because when Jon announced that Richie was going to sing, he said he could see his parents so we better give him a warm welcome.

The rest of the concert was just awesome, I was screaming and yelling more than singing, I was completely off-tune and my throat and voice hurt but I could have cared less. I kept jumping up and down, which I think pissed off the people at the end of my row because the bleachers moved a lot when someone moved. My best friend screamed like a banshee the whole time, too, and every time a new song started, we looked at each other and got more and more excited like it was beginning all over again. I kept punching the air and stepping my foot in time with the beat, and flipped out when one of my favs came on, Raise Your Hands - during which I kept my hands raised the whole time, even though by the end my arms were like lead.

The end of the show was of course sad, and I was screaming "Nooooooooooo!!" when they started Shout, because I knew it was the last song. But, the boys came back out for an encore, which I knew they would, and gave us a taste of their next album (Who Says You Can't Go Home?) which sounded really cool, like a very comfortable Jovi song. Jon did announce that the album is done, but gave no further information, no release date, no nothing, just that it is done. Then they sang Shout again, and as sad as I was to see them go, I was content and soaring above the clouds with joy.

Afterwards, we sat in the bleachers for awhile, letting everyone leave and reliving every moment of the show; I wanted to imprint every second in my mind forever!! Then we headed over to the souvenir stand, where I met Stephanie (shibinvegas) and I think I scared her because I was still hyped up and I was a little too shrill when I said "Oh hi!!!!" when I found out who she was!! LOL. Anyway, then I got my shirt, they were out of good sizes so I have an XL in men's, but it's all good, I wouldn't want to give up the shirt that I got at my first concert. Plus, I can get it hemmed if I really want to.

Later, in the line for the taxi, I met BLV and LuvsJovi, and one other woman whose name I can't remember (sorry!!) and who I really hope I didn't insult by introducing myself as "the young one" when she asked if I was from the board. I only meant I was the little one, not the young one, because she looked young as well. (By the way, where were all the Backstagers???! I only met those four, I never saw anyone else with beads! Were you all in the GA? I'm happy I met some of you, but would have liked to meet more.)

Anyway, to wrap up this very long review, you could tell the guys had fun performing, that they love what they do and won't stop for a looooong time. I remembered nearly everything people told me in my "Concerts" thread...I used the bathroom before the show, I didn't take pics the whole time, I enjoyed every minute, and I know now, as a solid fact, I will NEVER miss another Jovi show again.

That was the best few hours of my life!! ROCK ON BON JOVI!