July 31, 2009

Your midnight 'Just Because" moment...

Literally. Just because.


P.S. Still waiting for comments, suggestions, or some form of feedback on the site!

July 30, 2009

I've decided where I want to live.

The Hamptons Tuscan Villa is crazy magnificent. I found some pictures of Jon and company from the Mercy Corps Benefit held at the villa last fall, and I liked what I saw (both man and house) so much that I looked it up.

Then my jaw dropped nearly to the floor when I saw the pictures. There are far more at the link above, but here's a few to feast your eyes on for now:

From the Mercy Corps Benefit:

So I have now decided that I am going to move in there. And if Jon just so happens to need a new summer home to hide away from the crazy paparrazzi, he is more than welcome to be my roommate.

Anyone up for a block party?