February 26, 2009

Bon Jovi to Headline at Summerfest 2009

From summerfest.com:

MILWAUKEE – February 27, 2009 – Milwaukee World Festival, Inc. officials are excited to announce the fourth show slated for Summerfest 2009. Bon Jovi will kick off Summerfest 2009 when they bring the #1 tour in the world back to the Marcus Amphitheater on opening night, Thursday, June 25 at 7:30 pm.

During Summerfest 2007, Bon Jovi played to a record-breaking sold-out crowd of 22,771 fans at the Marcus Amphitheater. This will be the band’s third Summerfest Marcus Amphitheater performance in this decade, following their debut at the festival in 1985 at the Rock Stage.

Tickets will go on sale Saturday, March 7 at Noon and will be available for $97.00 (Red), $87.00 (Yellow), $67.00 (bench) and $42.00 (lawn). All prices include Summerfest admission. Tickets can be purchased at the Marcus Amphitheater Box Office, Ticketmaster Ticket Centers, online at Ticketmaster.com and by phone at 1.800.745.3000 (live Ticketmaster Agent) or 1.866.448.7849 (“Ticketmaster Express” automated phone line). Patrons may also utilize “ticketfast” at Ticketmaster.com to print bar coded concert tickets from home. Convenience fees may be added to all purchases. For more details visit Summerfest.com.


So I was in class at noon today, working innocently on a journalism article, when suddenly my phone lit up and nearly did a jig at my computer station. I ignored it, figuring it was just a friend texting me to say she got out of class, and went back to work.

Then it lit up again and hopped excitedly across the top of the desk, and I grabbed it to shut it up. Another text message. Okay, people, leave me alone...

Third time's a charm, right?

Having turned the vibrate off, the phone sat there motionless, blinking anxiously in blue light and telling me I have yet another text message...and before I could throw the distracting thing in my bag, it lit up a fourth time with an unknown cell number with a Texas area code.

Now curious as to whether something bad happened, I discreetly opened the phone and read the first message while the phone shuddered with a new voicemail. "Becky pre sale on NOW!! Password is *****"

Um...presale?! For Bon Jovi?! IN VEGAS?! The AEG live presale that I just found out about this morning that was supposed to go on tomorrow...? What the heck?!

Then my phone went berserk. I swear to God, about ten text messages came in at once, causing my phone to freeze and nearly crash as they tumbled into my inbox, waiting to be read. The Texas number called again (which I realized was a friend of mine I chat with online), and as soon as the call finished another number from a CA friend of mine came in.

By now I'm freaking. What presale? And I'm in class! Well, being at a computer, I tabbed my article and opened my email...to find three new emails from people telling me the presale had started and the password is *blank*.


So I saved my article and packed my things, then bolted out the door pretending that I'm finished with my work (I'll email my prof later!) just as my CA friend called back. I answered the phone and heard in a rush of excitement "GET YOUR ASS ONLINE THE FC PRESALE STARTED AND WE ALL GOT OUR TICKETS GO NOW!!"

I ran across campus to the parking lot, freaking out because I couldn't get a hold of the friend who was supposed to buy the tickets, brainstorming ways QUICKLY to get the tix, and wondering why the HELL the fan club decided to announce a presale five minutes before it started.

I told my friend I'd call her back and proceeded to call my mom, scaring her sh!tless when she answered the phone by yelling at her to get a computer QUICK and get the tickets. LOL poor Mom...she raced to the computer and got Ticketmaster online, and as I stood at the crosswalk waiting to cross the street and get to my car, I yelled directions through the phone at her while cars whizzed by and everyone at the light stared at me.

Several looooong minutes later, she had the tickets and I was shaking like a leaf, my phone going insane from another slew of text messages that I tried to reply to...I hung up with Mom and attempted to text everyone back while I fumbled with my keys at my car...and then my phone died from over-exertion.

That 10-minute drive home was the longest drive of my life, and I swear to God there was a cop around every corner making sure I didn't go fifty miles over the speed limit.

When I got home I flew into the house and scared my dog, revived my phone and called my friend to let her know what was happening, and sat down to three million emails, PMs on Backstage, and a board hopping with FC members trying to get their tickets. Sweet Lord.

I finally got a hold of my friend, and after witnessing her similar reaction to mine, which involved a bit of swearing and screaming, we settled everything and found out that almost all of our CA Jovi girls got tickets and everything is okay. LOL

It was pure INSANITY! Absolute, pure insanity. My heart hurt and I needed a pacemaker, for Heaven's sake...

But I got my tickets!!! And I am going to VEGAS BABY!

(Now, the FC fluckers should not be doing this to us poor women with high-strung-end-of-week-itis!)

February 24, 2009

Bon Jovi: Songwriters Hall of Fame Inductees

Congratulations, boys!

From billboard.com:

The Songwriters Hall of Fame has announced this year's inductees, who will be honored at the organization's annual dinner on June 18 at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York City.

On that day, the Songwriters Hall of Fame will induct Felix Cavalieri and Eddie Brigati of the Young Rascals; Crosby, Stills and Nash; Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora of Bon Jovi; and Roger Cook and Roger Greenaway, who wrote a number of hits from the mid-1960's through the mid-1970's; and Galt MacDermot, James Rado and Gerome Ragni, who wrote the music for “Hair’” and Stephen Schwartz, who wrote the music for “Godspell,” at its annual dinner on June 18 at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York City.

"I can think of no better way to mark our 40th anniversary than by inducting this group of eminent songwriters whose extraordinary accomplishments have made an indelible impression on the world's musical culture," SHOF chairman/CEO Hal David said in a statement. Also, special award nominees will be announced at a later date.

While the songs of the performer songwriters of the Rascals, Bon Jovi and CS&N are well known, the British songwriting team of Cook/Greenway wrote the Fortunes "You've Got Your Troubles; White Plains "My Baby Loves Lovin';" the Hollies' "Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress;" and the Coke jingle, "I'd Like to Teach The World to Sing (In Perfect Harmony).

Vegas Update!

Okay so clarification on the Vegas news I posted last night: $191 is for general admission (standing room only) and the higher priced tickets are for seats and club boxes BEHIND them.

Small venue holds capacity of 4,000, which makes for an extremely competitive Saturday morning at Ticketmaster.com, but...

This excited girl is GOING!!

Am I insane? Yes. Will it be worth it? God I hope so!

FC Show 'Rocked'

Okay so I take back what I said about being glad I didn't go to the FC show...LOL. I am green with envy now! I was on the FC board for hours last night snatching pictures and video of Jon looking just FABULOUS...despite the ruffled hair, LOL!

Every single review I read was amazing - sounds like Jon was in a fabulous mood and a fun time was had by all. I'm SO glad! He did a lot of DA and BOG material...yowza!!

I would love to post pics and video here, but I frankly don't have time for that during the week, so you can tide yourself over on Hath's site - who had the same idea I did. ;)

Here's a setlist you'll never see again:

So You Want to Be A Rock and Roll Star
This Time It's For Real
I Get A Rush
Lost Highway
Don't Leave Me Tonight
Head Over Heels For You
Midnight In Chelsea
Janie Don't You Take Your Love to Town
Every Word Was A Piece of My Heart
Broken Down Piece of Man
All I Want Is Everything
Bang A Drum
Never Say Die
Billy Get Your Guns
Someday I'll Be Saturday Night
Wanted Dead or Alive
I Love This Town
Just Older
Who Says You Can't Go Home
Livin' On A Prayer

February 23, 2009

Bon Jovi at Hard Rock, Vegas in April

Is this old news? I apologize if it is...I heard a friend talking about it today and my ears snapped to attention...anything Jovi does on the west coast I get excited about because it's so rare!

I love The Joint at the Hard Rock - it's a great showroom like the House of Blues here in San Diego - intimate and great acoustics. And the first time I ever saw Jovi live was in Vegas at the Hard Rock's then-brand new outdoor amphitheatre. So I reaaallly want to go!

Then I raced over to Ticketmaster and nearly lost my eyeballs when they bugged out of my skull: $191 - $746 a pop!!!


And $191 is for BALCONY.

I have one word to say to that: it starts with bull and rhymes with spit. The other performers for the month aren't half as pricey as that.

Good luck to anyone attempting...here's YET another show I have to sit out. So much for hoping these inflated prices were just the product of extravagant stage design on the Lost Highway tour.

Oh Jon, whatever happened to Tommy and Gina?

February 22, 2009

It's mine!!

EEEEE! I just got back from the hour-long drive to Newport Beach to pick up my new Richie Sambora signed Stratocaster and I'm still dancing! It's not a genuine Fender, which I knew, it's a sister model Squier, but it's in perfect condition and a wonderful collector's item.

And yes, I knew the 'R' was smudged in the loop part even before I decided to buy the guitar, but Bjorn and my aunt and myself and then later, the seller said that it just looks like the marker didn't touch the guitar all the way or something. And upon closer inspection today, I can definitely see evidence of that in the first line of the 'R' and then the 'i' is thicker, like the ink suddenly decided to work. hehehe

The nearly three hour trip altogether was so worth it....and it took me right past the house Jon used to own in the late 90's, which I always love to look at on the way up to the O.C. and LA....AND it took me verrrry near Richie's current neighborhood. It was very tempting to detour from the freeway and go see if he was home. LOL!

Anyway, I promised pics, so here they are. ;)

February 21, 2009


I just bought a Fender Strat signed by Richie Sambora. 0.o

This couple listed it on craiglist which made me practically laugh at the listing at first when I saw it last night...but then I found out their home was foreclosed and they just need/want cash for their stuff fast. The guy got the guitar at a charity auction benefit in 2003 and Heather Locklear was actually there in person...and Richie signed it right then.

So after much deliberation, having the guitar-expert boyfriend scrutinize the details and check authenticity and validity of the auction, signature, etc...I got a $1,500 value guitar for an excellent fraction of the price.

I pick it up tomorrow.

I can't believe it!

Bon Jovi Calendar of Events

Okay, so for nearly four years now I have hosted a Bon Jovi Calendar of Events online, the product of a bunch of us Backstagers losing our poor brains over the Have A Nice Day promos and hysteria back in 2005. I post appearances, concerts/shows, interviews, Jon's movie showings, everything that Jovi does publicly (or on TV), and people have said it's a huge help.

While it's normally quiet during off-tour times, I still try to keep everyone (including myself) informed and organized. I just recently updated the design, layout, and am re-adding events and appearances since I haven't done so in awhile. Until now, only the FC really knew about it, but I realized I might as well share it on here as well...so if you all would like to use it, please feel free.

I tell the Backstagers to let me know if I forget to post anything (which is often), and the same holds true for you all. If you see something missing or wrong, kindly email me and let me know.


February 20, 2009

I'm glad I'm not going to the FC show...

So the ranting and debate over the fan club-only show "JBJ & Friends" has been going on for months now, and I've stayed out of it for the most part because a) I don't like to get in the middle of fights on Backstage and b) I'm not going anyway.

Despite the $250 a pop, the controversy over non-FC members being allowed to the show and it being a charity event, and the bemoaning over Jon appearing solo, I was kind of wistfully wishing I could be there next week.

But then I read this article (the latest among others I've read since the show was announced) and it just made me glad I won't be involved in the whole shindig: http://www.mycentraljersey.com/article/20090220/NEWS/902200325/-1/BUSINESS02

I remember a few months ago reading about the toy drive at Elements and how the winner would win tickets to the FC show, but I never heard anything more about it until now. Now apparently there is also a second show at the Starland Ballroom the night after the FC show for winners of a Mastercard contest...?

And 1,500 ATTENDEES FOR THE FC SHOW?! Good Lord, that should be fun with standing room only and first come-first served!

Attendees of the show, I do not mean this to rain on your parade. I truly hope you all have a WONDERFUL time and that the performance and event are all they're cracked up to be. I just can't help but be cynical and wary of everything Matt does lately. And that's really unfortunate.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - no matter what people said about Mrs. B "picking favorites", I MISS HER.

David in NYC 2/19/09

So I saw this on Backstage earlier, then saw in my blog updates that Hath has posted it too.

NEW YORK - FEBRUARY 19: Bon Jovi band member David Bryan, model Sessilee Lopez and clothing designer Jamison Earnest attend the Yellow Fever launch party at RdV on February 19, 2009 in New York City.

I agree with Hath...Dave has always looked so sincere and sweet to me, and ever since my friend Karen met him and shared her story, I have fallen even more in love with him.

February 18, 2009

Richie on Insider...sort of

Hehe, my Google alerts let me know about Richie on ET Insider's website in a video interview with Marie Osmond from her Vegas doll signing. He only makes a few brief appearances, but he looks miiiiiighty fine. :)


February 17, 2009

Tico's Turn!

I told you Teek had to be keeping busy if his mates were!

My Google alerts notified me of a very small, brief mention of "Tico Torres" in the middle of some news story about lingerie, and I was slightly perplexed about what the two had to do with another...so I read up.

The 'Lingerie Miami Benefit to Empower Impoverished Women of the World' was held on Saturday at the Vizcaya Museum & Gardens, and the heartbeat of Bon Jovi was in attendance.

Models including Eva Longoria-Parker (who hosted the benefit), Deepak Chopra, and Veronica Webb, dressed in tiny designer getups, modelled and paraded around "like politicians" in the 60 degree Miami weather for the outdoor fashion show.

Celeb guests included former basketball star Rony Seikaly (whoever that is) and our beloved drummer.

Some might skepticize that Tico (and other men) were only there for the flashy displays of skin and cleavage...but at $1,000 a head to support women worldwide in their struggle against poverty, I don't care what kind of show they got - I raise my glass in toast to them.

February 16, 2009

David Bryan at Stone Pony

This weekend was just full of Jovi appearances! David Bryan performed with Bobby Bandiera's band at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, New Jersey on Valentine's Day for the venue's 35th anniversary.

I LOVE this man's voice. The only video footage I could find is a bit annoying because it's sideways, but it's better than nothing if you just listen to the audio. And you can crawl Flickr for more pictures if this one ain't satisfactory enough. ;)

Okay, now it's Tico's turn for the spotlight. ;)

February 15, 2009

Jon & Dot at Beacon Theatre

Looks like both Jon and Richie had busy social calendars for Friday the 13th. Jon and Dot were at the re-opening of the Beacon Theatre in New York, along with Paul Simon (who hosted the reopening) and a slew of other celebrities.

I personally love Dot's leather pants!

More pictures here

February 14, 2009

Richie & Marie Osmond in Vegas

So apparently Richie was in Vegas for record producer and friend John Titta's wedding...and he was best man! Later, he got to mingle with some other rich and famous, including Marie Osmond at her doll signing at the Flamingo Hotel. I don't care about the others - Richie looks adorable in a tux. :)

See the rest of the pictures here

February 12, 2009

Bon Jovi second on Billboard's moneymaker list

Bon Jovi ranks second behind Madonna in Billboard's record of top moneymaking music artists for 2008, with a total of $157,177,766.

Hmmm. I'd like to say I'm proud of them for achieving that, but it's hard to do when I'm still sour about the inflated ticket prices I paid (yes, I admit I paid...) for the Lost Highway run.

And I know for a fact that Bruce Springsteen's ticket prices weren't NEARLY as much a pop at Jovi's, and he's in third place on this list.

Perhaps that says something.

Top 20 Moneymakers in Music
(according to Billboard.com)

1. Madonna: $242,176,466
2. Bon Jovi: $157,177,766
3. Bruce Springsteen: $156,327,964
4. The Police: $109,976,894
5. Celine Dion: $99,171,237
6. Kenny Chesney: $90,823,990
7. Neil Diamond: $82,174,000
8. Rascal Flatts: $63,522,160
9. Jonas Brothers: $62,638,814
10. Coldplay: $62,175,555
11. The Eagles: $61,132,213
12. Lil Wayne: $57,441,334
13. AC/DC: $56,505,296
14. Michael Buble: $50,257,364
15. Miley Cyrus: $48,920,806
16. Taylor Swift: $45,588,730
17. Journey: $44,787,328
18. Billy Joel: $44,581,010
19. Mary J. Blige: $43,472,850
20. Kanye West: $42,552,402

Read the rest of the article here.

P.S. Haha, in my Google alerts this morning I saw THIS post under "Bon Jovi". This is the third time I've made the alerts. LOL!

February 10, 2009

Firefighter saves koala from burning Australian wilderness

Okay, this is entirely non-FF related, but in our current global atmosphere of depression and angst, I thought a little uplifting story could do us some good.

I saw this the other day, but only read the whole story today in my journalism class. And it brought tears to my eyes, from my heart warming for 'Sam' and breaking for the hundreds of other poor animals who didn't make it.

I am a HOPELESS sap for animals. (I cried my head off when my dog fatally injured a bunny the other day in our yard.)

And I want to take a moment to send hope to Australia in their time of desperate need right now. I live in Southern California - I've lived this wildfire nightmare twice in the last 5 years. I've been there, I know what it's like. And it's an absolute, terrifying nightmare. So you all have my love, support, thoughts, wishes, and prayers. I truly hope you all stay safe.
Koala rescued from Australian wildfire wasteland
SYDNEY (AP) — It was a chance encounter in the charred landscape of Australia's deadly wildfires: A koala sips water from a bottle offered by a firefighter. David Tree noticed the koala moving gingerly on scorched paws as his fire patrol passed.

Clearly in pain, the animal stopped when it saw Tree.

"It was amazing, he turned around, sat on his bum and sort of looked at me with (a look) like, put me out of my misery," Tree told The Associated Press on Tuesday. "I yelled out for a bottle of water. I unscrewed the bottle, tipped it up on his lips and he just took it naturally.

"He kept reaching for the bottle, almost like a baby."

The team called animal welfare officers to pick up the koala Sunday, the day after deadly firestorms swept southern Victoria state.

"I love nature, and I've handled koalas before. They're not the friendliest things, but I wanted to help him," Tree said.

Often mistakenly called koala bears because they resemble a child's teddy bear, the marsupial is actually a rather grumpy creature with a loud growl and sharp claws. It rarely comes down from the trees and doesn't like walking.

Koalas are especially vulnerable to wildfires because they move slowly on the ground.

The wildfires cut through parks and forests and sent countless wombats and other native species fleeing. One resident reported seeing kangaroos bouncing down the road with flames at their backs.

The fires also razed farmland, killing or panicking sheep and cattle. Television footage showed cows running down the main street of a smoke-filled town.

A count of the animals killed has not been made.

Tree said he found the koala in a burned-out forest near Mirboo North, about 90 miles (150 kilometers) east of Melbourne, Victoria's capital.

Koalas normally drink almost no water because they get almost all their fluids from the leaves they eat.

After the scorched koala sipped from the water bottle and Tree's crew moved on, animal welfare officials came by.

Coleen Wood, manager of the Mountain Ash Wildlife Shelter where the koala was taken for treatment of second- and third-degree burns to its paws, said Wednesday that it was expected to make a full recovery.

Wood said there was no doubt the animal was wild, not domesticated, and that it would be released back into nature once a suitable habitat is found — the foliage in Sam's forest was all but destroyed.

"The hardest part is going to be trying to find enough habitat to support these guys," Wood said.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Animals said it was establishing shelters to care for thousands of pets and livestock affected by the fires.

February 7, 2009

JBJ & Bettye LaVette: 'A Change Is Gonna Come'

I know this is old news, but I really liked this performance at Obama's inauguration ceremony. Despite what others have said, I think Jon AND Bettye did a great job, and the video went straight into my RP library. :)

I try not to get too political in public, but I will say that I believe the words in this song, and I was filled with a sense of hope that I know many Americans are feeling lately when I watched this. I'm under no illusions that the new president is going to ride in on a white horse and "save the country" like the hype fantasizes, but I DO think we finally have a legitimate reason, after nearly a decade, to fill our hearts with hope and our minds with expectation while we all embark on a journey of change.

And it will take ALL of us.

Anyway, with that said, go and enjoy my favorite frontman in action. Click here to watch the video performance from the inauguration ceremony.

Bon Jovi to play in Jazz Fest

Yeah, so this has been posted everywhere else too, but I'm catching up on reposting things on my site and the design and everything, so pretend this was posted on time.


Making their first-ever Jazz Fest appearance, Bon Jovi will perform on Saturday, May 2. The 2009 Jazz Fest is scheduled for April 24-26 & April 30-May 3 at the Fair Grounds Race Course.

The Festival announced that the hugely popular discount weekend ticket package opportunity will expire at the end of business on Wednesday, February 18. For the first time ever, the Festival has been offering discount ticket packages to each day of a particular weekend. Ticket packages purchased for all three days of the first weekend (April 24, 25 & 26) will be $105, while second weekend packages purchased for all four festival days (April 30, May 1, 2 & 3) will be $140. (Tickets included in each package are day-specific.) Advance single day Jazz Fest tickets are still only $40 with the gate price of $50. Children’s tickets (ages 2 - 11) are only $5 in advance or at the gate. Single day tickets to Jazz Fest are on sale by specific weekend, with each ticket valid for a single day’s attendance.Tickets for the Festival, which takes place at the Fair Grounds Race Course are on-sale through all Ticketmaster outlets.

I want to go. Really. I am in live Jovi mode WITHDRAWAL and I need me a good show soon. Unfortunately, even though I could handle the ticket price, flights to New Orleans aren't exactly penny cheap, and I'd have to be there and back within 3 days...which ain't gonna happen, especially during finals season.

So, I'm going to have to sit this one out as well, and listen with envy as people pack their things and head out for the FC show, the Elements appearance (though I'm not too envious of that little spectacle) and Jazz Fest. I just thank my lucky stars I didn't buy a ticket to the Soul dinner....

February 6, 2009

Under Construction

I told you I'd be changing the layout eventually. LOL. I got bored with the other site design, so I'm revamping. Bear with me as changes flash by (sometimes within one refresh of the page) on this main site...but rest assured the stories and other content are still up and available.