August 2, 2010

There's a whole lot of leaving going on...

So the U.S. leg of The Circle Tour has officially come to a close. While many an American are heaving a heavy sigh, wiping a tear from their eye, and perhaps icing their swollen concert feet, fans all over the globe are now revving up and bouncing up and down in anticipation of the arrival of the world #1 touring outfit, Bon Jovi. (That's right, they were officially named the #1 tour of the year!)

I for one had a WONDERFUL six shows on the first leg of this epic world tour, and maaaany memories will go with me all my life. I'm sad that it's over for now, though I will get to see them next year in EUROPE (with any financial luck, *fingers crossed*). I've never been to a stadium show overseas before, and I've heard they can get gnarly! But we'll cross that crazy bridge when we get to it.


For now, I hope the boys enjoy their MUCH deserved break with their families and friends - Jon, put DOWN the PDA and hug your wife! - and that they rejuvenate enough to launch the rest of their world tour with as much spirit and fire as they did this one.

Meanwhile, what's an American Jovi fan to do? Kick back and listen to the special edition albums? Watch the MSG DVD over and over again? Make up for your lack of presence the last 7 months with your families? LOL. I for one will be working my butt off trying to revive my bank account - who's with me?

And real life starts up again. It's always a huge reality check when they close the curtain on the tour (even temporarily) and we're left blinking in the harsh light of a world filled with work, bills, chores, school/homework (for some), kids, husbands and wives...yeah, that's life folks. LOL. The lazy days of summer are drawing to a close, the magical warm evenings spent with your ears and heart filled with loud music and rockin' musicians are over, the parties and dinners and Happy Hours and reunions are all memories now. Soon, an Autumn wind will creep in, the summer sun will pack up and be long gone...there's a whole lot of leaving going on.

So farewell for now, boys. Enjoy your vacations and we'll join you - in spirit or in person! - come September!


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Misty said...

I think I'm going to feel so lost Becky! Already looking forward to the next go around. My sad Jovi fund needs some major rebuilding as well!