August 28, 2010

What Do You Got? If it ain't something nice to say...

...for God's sake, don't say it.

You learned that adage when you were a child, but it's advice worth remembering until the day you die. Unfortunately, I've met precious few people in my life who know how and when to hold their tongues.

What am I rambling about here? Well, I could go off on several tangents, but the primary reason was Bon Jovi's new single, 'What Do You Got?'

The song premiered hardly 48 hours ago and already I have seen World War III begin - mostly on Twitter. Opinions range far and wide about the song, which is not only normal and expected, but GOOD. If every single person loved it in exactly the same way, it wouldn't be a very good piece of music. (And if every single person hated it in exactly the same way, it would be a downright crappy piece of music, lol.)

What bothers me, however, is the mud-slinging and face-slapping and cat-and-dog bickering...not about the song itself, but about someone's OPINION OF the song!

So someone thinks it's not very creative. Ok...was that an insult? If you think it IS creative, was the other person's opinion a direct slap in your face?

No. So why be so defensive? Are you the band's bodyguard or spokesperson? Must you rise to their defense as if they were helpless, vulnerable children? Do you see THEM getting hotheaded and spitting fire back at the naysayers?


Just take a chill pill. Everyone is going to feel differently about the song - be it negatively or positively - based on their musical preferences and their expectations beforehand.

Someone thinks it's a brilliant piece of work. You don't. Must you REALLY put them down because they enjoy listening to it? Who cares? Let it be!

And the counterargument - "If you don't like what I have to say, then fuck off!" Yeah, that doesn't do an ounce of good and you know it. It just stirs the pot further.

So please, everyone, summon a little bit of r-e-s-p-e-c-t and take a breath. Differing in opinion is fine - and even encouraged - but when there are people being attacked and put down because of the way they feel, something is seriously wrong.

As for me? I like the song. It's not a masterpiece, but I don't think it was intended to be. It wasn't written for a studio album, it was written to supplement a greatest hits compilation. Just like other B-sides written for other albums - what about "Lonely" (LH), "These Open Arms" (HAND), "Standing" (Bounce), "We Can Dance" (Crush)? They're all rather simple orchestrations lyrically and musically - and mostly ballad-ish - but they're fun additions to the Bon Jovi catalog.

That's what this is. It's catchy, it's inspiring lyrically, it's a unique little gem that will be included on the 2010 Greatest Hits. Twenty years from now, you'll regard it as the "B-side on the Greatest Hits II compilation."

You don't have to like listening to it, but your neighbor might. Just let her.


rutpop said...
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rutpop said...

Well said Becky. I often wonder if it's the anonymity of the internet that allows people to rally back and forth so harshly. I find it hard to believe that most people would really speak to each other in such a way if they were face to face. I think if these people were presented the opportunity to speak face to face these same people would be more civilized and prone to rational discussion. I think it's a case of very big "Cyber Balls" coming out to play, and it's just not right. If these people would just stop their fingers from flying over the keys for a second to evalute if they would actually speak what they are typing perhaps we'd witness more debate and less hate.

caseyfaith said...

Very good comments both Becky and Rutpop. Love the "cyber balls" part. Totally true.

Becky said...

Thanks! I agree that the anonymity of cyberspace definitely gives people more courage to be nastier to each other; and that's a good point to consider when getting annoyed at the slamming. But then the whole concept of respect should still come into play - whether it's in person or on the keyboard, just be nice. lol

wildflowerlily said...

Becky, I agree 100%. Very well said. Whoever said that everyone will or should have the same opinion? Varied interests and opinions are what make life interesting and allow us to experience different things in different ways and learn from each other.

Chris, the "cyber balls" was a great way to put it!

So basically....Amen, Sistas!