June 20, 2010

No service fees in June?

I find this wholeheartedly intriguing. Bon Jovi management posted this on Facebook and Twitter on June 12 (I just saw it, forgive my tardiness):

We know how much fans hate service fees on tickets so we got rid of them for the month of June! Buy tickets to see Bon Jovi any time this month and you will not be charged service fees. Go here for details http://bit.ly/NSF2010

Maybe I'm extra thick today, but...why? I mean, if your fans "hate" them, why have them in the first place? I have definitely been vocal in complaining about the inflated ticket prices and unbelievable fan club markups, but I know when to shut up because I have yet to have a bad concert experience with them (*knock on wood*). Even the $75 service fee I paid through the FC to get my pit seat at New Meadowlands (didn't realize that was in place until I saw the MUCH lowered prices on Ticketmaster three weeks later), though it pissed me off, I had a fantastic time and seat so I won't go bitching around the Jovi world about it. I paid it, I have no right to whine.

But that doesn't mean they should be in place. In my opinion, as someone who has been a paying Backstage fan club member since the days of Mrs. B, the markups and over-charges on tickets with the new FC management is pure robbery. And don't tell me that's just one of the changes that comes when you go corporate...my reply will be that they never should have gone corporate in the first place. But be that as it may, and I can't control what Jon's decisions are, it's still a very sore issue among MANY a devoted fan and fan club member.

So tell me, does this latest "special" offering no service fees for tickets bought in the month of June mean the Jovi powers-that-be are finally hearing our concerns? And trying to show that they respect them?

I think it's more likely that pigs will fly in the near future, but it could also just be a marketing move to encourage sales for the fall/winter tour dates. Although there aren't any upcoming sale dates that I'm aware of in June, so it could also just be an empty offer since everyone already has their tickets.

Leaves much to wonder about, doesn't it?


DeBee1015 said...

A lot of it has to do with the fact the shows in July in the states (like Cleveland & Saratoga Springs) are in Live Nation venues and Live Nation is going fee free for June.

Becky said...

Ahhh I missed that very crucial point lol, thanks DeBee. Makes quite a bit more sense...but still love the tone of BJ Management and how they're giving us a freebie.

rutpop said...

Except when I bought my FC tkts on June 1 for the SPAC show my services charges were still applied totaling $75.00 Hey BJ perhaps a refund is in order, yeah right RLMAO