June 3, 2010

Where's Waldo? - Bon Jovi style

I don't know how many of you know about the new GigaPan trend -- composites of hundreds of pictures taken and threaded together to form one huge, multi-million megapixel panoramic photograph -- but it's an incredible feature I've seen around the internet for the last year or so.

On Bon Jovi's main website, they have posted GigaPan shots of many of the shows done so far this tour -- including the most recent New Meadowlands. A friend told me about them on Twitter, and I just pulled them up and found myself in the crowd shots of nights 2 and 3 -- very cool! (I was in the 100 level on night 1, and I can't find myself in that one.)

Night Two - 5/27/10 full shot

Me! With the grey sweatshirt, holding up my camera of course lol. Jenn's the blonde behind me and you can barely see Michelle's long curly hair in front to the right of me:

Night Three - 5/29/10 full shot


Check them out, and see if you can find yourself at your shows!

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