April 24, 2011

Hiatus pending...

Hello my lovely readers. I hope you all had a great Easter - or at least a relaxing long weekend. I certainly did!

I figured I'd warn you all here and now that I will very likely (read: most definitely) be VERY behind or MIA in my posts here. The month of May is the university student's nightmare, when finals season approaches and every project and paper we've been putting off all semester is due all of a sudden and we're scrambling to get them done, while trying to study for the upcoming cumulative exams. It's my favorite time of years (not).

So, with that in mind, please pardon the long periods of missing updates if they do occur -- which I promise they will. Once the band is back on tour, I will at least post the setlists (or have someone else post them for me, if someone is so willing) from each show, but I cannot promise any other extraneous news or pictures.

Just bear with me until May 21st, when each of my six final exams have been taken (and hopefully passed), major projects and papers are turned in, and my last semester as a college student will be over. (Yes, I am graduating!!)

Until then, you can still reach me by email, Facebook, or Twitter (see buttons to the left.)

Have a great week!


Johanne said...

Hi Becky, just want to wish you all the best in this crazy period! I'm sure you will succeed and pass all your exams with the high notes required. All the best in your future projects! Love and Jovi Hugs my Friend!

Anonymous said...

we all more than need a hiatus i think, in more ways than one, have a happy may!