April 22, 2011

Jon and Dot in SoHo

Jon and Dot were spotted strolling through SoHo yesterday, and then later at a book premiere for Al Gore's daughter.

Lookin' good, both of you!


Sawa said...

Do you ever wonder if ppl walking behind them on the street KNOW who they are walking behind?

Anonymous said...

if the paps make it obvious, then they probably do. new yorkers see a lot of that though

Becky said...

Yes Sawa, I do. LOL. I was just thinking that about this picture, too - the guy behind them seems curious.

Anon - I agree, New Yorkers and we Los Angeles residents alike!

Anonymous said...

The guy behind him is his personal trainer, seen jogging with him on tours and stretching him in the MSG live video, not sure if he doubles as some sort of body guard as well.