September 23, 2011

ALL Circle Tour set lists available

When the Circle Tour first started, I told you I'd try to post the set lists for every show. Well, I certainly missed a few and was late with some others, but overall I almost always was able to obtain them and post them on time. I couldn't have done it, though, without help from you all - the fans, the readers, the supporters. Thank you all for your emails, messages, comments, and help throughout the last two years -- not just for set lists, but with everything else that allows me to maintain this blog. It is MUCH appreciated!

I have gathered all the set lists now, and linked them to the "Circle Tour: Set Lists" page you see in the above menu bar. Simply click on the links to go directly to those set lists - and if you see a "*" next to one of them, it means I went to that show, so you get a full-length review as well as the set list. ;)

I hope this helps you, and I hope you continue to read Jovi Bits. Thanks!! xx

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