November 24, 2009

BJCT Blog (a la Hath & friends)

If you don't read The Goddess Hathor's blog (which you should; it's one of my favorites and most frequented), you probably don't know about I'm bringing attention to it.

Hath and several other devoted fans have put together a collaborative project for The Circle tour, to help consolidate all the photos, reviews, MP3 rips, and other goodies that always fly around during tour time.

From Hath:

This is a new blogsite I'm launching with a few friends to attempt to gather all the yummy goodness of the tour in one spot.

Each post in this blog will be for a single show. In that post will be the setlist for the show, along with YouTube footage if available, a link to a SkyDrive folder with the videos, mp3 rips and full bootlegs (again, if available), a link to a PhotoBucket folder into which my friends and I will gather whatever photographs we can find -- yours for the taking of course, and a section for links to reviews, other blogs, etc., that have tour information in them for that particular show..

It goes on to explain how to submit and view content, with a special email and SkyDrives set up and everything!

I LOVE it - I know I for one am always scrambling everywhere to save pics and songs, especially from my own shows. Those of you who have known me for a few years will probably remember that I've attempted to do stuff like this for past tours; let me just say, this is way more organized than I ever was, and I'm glad it's not me doing all the work! LOL! So a HUGE thank you to these ladies for all their work - I will definitely be frequenting that blog to stay in the circle next year.

Check it out!


The Goddess Hathor said...

Thanks for the advertising!

We're in the process of moving everything from SkyDrive to MediaFire due to some issues with SD, and we're going to also include links to torrents as we find them as well. For RapidShare/MegaUpload links, we're going to try our damnest to get the raw files to post to our MediaFire drive, but if we can't do it in a timely manner, we'll post those links, too.

The goal is to give people point-and-click access to the media, but the wider goal of giving people one place to go to find their Jovi fix is more important, so we'll adjust as necessary.

If any of your readers are going to shows, and will have pics, etc., to share, please ask them to consider dropping a line to the BJCT team! Links to our email is on the blog.

Roll on February!!

~ Hath

Becky said...

Will do, Hath! I think I'll make a little widget thing to direct readers to the blog once the tour starts, so they can simply click and then "deposit" their pics and stuff to you.

And of course, I will pass on anything I receive (with permission of course) to you too.

Thanks again!