December 4, 2011

Vogue thinks JBJ is a bad dresser

But then again, they think 99% of the planet dresses poorly. Keeping up with the fashion times is next to impossible, with it changing every 6 months.

They've taken an extraordinary amount of time to highlight his "poor" dress choices and compare it to a style they think he should wear - complete with photos, and an endearing message.


There’s one thing we don’t understand about the world of rockstars. They rise to fame because they are able to embody – like nobody else – the spirit of an era. They have it in them (in their movements, in their voice, in the way they wink) and they even act on it: they write lyrics, music that comes to life precisely because they shape in front of our eyes what we feel in every moment, our frustrations just like our uncertainties. Their fame, in other words, comes from their inborn capability of representing the present. And this is precisely true especially about fashion, which they wear like nobody else, defining it as only they know how, a metaphor of the moment.

Then something happens and the cd skips. Like in Sorrentino’s latest movie, This must be the Place, the rockstar continues to drag on his usual part, detached from the world that evolves and imprisoned in a role that he has created all by him self. We’re bordering a Pirandello-esque humor.

Even without arriving to the extremes portrayed by Sean Penn, Jon Bon Jovi is quite near this group. He still remains a worldwide important star (he continues to go on in impressive tours and catching the attention of millions of people thanks to appearances at events and TV series). His humanitarian commitment is more than praiseworthy (we’re referring especially to his association, the Soul Foundation). Yet we can’t really call him any longer an icon of the present.

As proof of it, it’s enough to look at his clothing, which is still built around leather jackets, boots and “comfort” jeans, as trendy in the early Nineties. The look was fashionable twenty years ago, when we were actually exited about flared leather pants, to the point even Armani showed them on the catwalks. Unluckily, though, our passion has long burnt out and has no longer nothing new to say. Plus, on Bon Jovi it even has a comic effect. It seems as if he’s trying to convince himself he is after all a star. Or, perhaps, it’s a marketing strategy for the upcoming movie New Year’s Eve, where he plays the part of a rockstar in a love story with Katherine Heigl (who should also take a step forward and shape up or she will end up the rest of her life in the stereotype of the romantic frustrated woman of the beginning of the century).

A reason for which we feel obligated to offer some corrections. If you really want to continue wearing a leather jacket let it be in chamois or with zippers and intriguing openings. If you really want to combine black with blue, the latter should be a smoky midnight blue. If you are wearing an elegant jacket, let it be in velvet and tapered as a glove. Pay attention to the fit and forget about hair dye, which doesn’t suit you. Even Zac Efron has given up that self-confident fringe. So choose a short haircut.

If you want to stay a rockstar, you must embrace change, Mr. Jon Bon Jovi.

Ironic last remark, Vogue, considering Bon Jovi has been around for 30 years - and the only way that could have been accomplished was by embracing change. Their music has morphed with the times, and that's the most important part. Or so most of us think.


Anonymous said...

Hear hear Becky! I was twitching the whole time I read that article. Just because he chooses comfort jeans over a smokey blue tapered pair of pants...or because he's not wearing zippers...give me a flipping break. His look is his look. At least praise the Lords he's not in that spandex anymore. ;) Besides...I think he looks hot in that pic ;)

Anonymous said...

Soooo much hotter than the jerk he is compared to in the article! And I´m so impressed of him that he is mature enough to wear what he wants.

Toti said...

there's nothing sexier than a plain black T and a good pair of butt fitting blue jeans...some people just don't get it, even if they work for Vogue

Anonymous said...

I agree with Toti. Black T and jeans do it. A guy who works for Vogue does not impress me much. I'm glad my favorite performer has a lot more substance behind him. The world today needs a lot more than clothes from Vogue.

Anonymous said...

P.S. He does not have to embrace change in clothes to stay a rock star. He just has to stay "Jon".

Anonymous said...

Well I think he looks fantastic he goes for comfort not style as you can tell from the pic if everyman looked this good in what Jons wearing at Jons age men wouldnt need stylist I think your opinion is wrong in this case he is a humble man not a show off.