December 20, 2011

Richie's solo album coming Spring 2012?!

WEEEEEEEE! I hope it's true! Thanks, Hath, for posting the news!

From MixOnline

Bon Jovi lead guitarist and producer, singer/songwriter Richie Sambora is recording his third solo album at Ocean Way Recording in Hollywood. Luke Ebbin, producer of the Bon Jovi albums “Crush” and “Bounce,” is helming the new project.
“Richie and I have worked on and off together for years,” explained Ebbin. “Richie came off the Bon Jovi tour energized and we got together to write a couple of songs. The results were very good, so we kept writing more and decided to go in and record them. The recordings came out great, so Richie decided why not make this a solo record? There are eight songs in the can now, including a co-write with Bernie Taupin. We’ve started round two of sessions and hope to have a full album done by early spring.”

Sambora’s first solo outing was “Stranger in This Town” (1991), a critically acclaimed blues-influenced album that featured Eric Clapton playing lead guitar on the song “Mr Bluesman,” backed by Sambora on acoustic guitars. “Undiscovered Soul” was Sambora’s second solo album, released in 1998 and produced by Don Was.

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Christina Coleman said...

Woo hoo! I can't wait it going be amazing Richie first two album were amazing so I can't. :)