December 2, 2009

2nd Seattle & Anaheim dates added!

So last night I was given a huge scare when a friend of mine called me in a frenzied panic, saying that a second Anaheim date was added and presales were THIS week.

I had been so surprised when the tourdates were announced that there was only ONE Anaheim date, but I figured that I'd go there and Los Angeles (I also wanted Sacramento for Jonny's birthday, but we'll see...) I had to scrape together the money, so now that the second date has been announced, I was freaking out! Luckily, I have THE best friend IN the world, and she loves me enough to get me a ticket to Anaheim #2 for my 21st birthday. *big smoochies to her!*

Anyhoo. Seattle #2 is up on Ticketmaster for February 20, 2009 - and Anaheim #2 (Feb. 27, 2009) will be up soon - so for any west coasters (or outside travelers), write down the dates!!

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