December 5, 2009

Help me win $600!

This is non-Jovi related, but please read nonetheless!

You may have remembered that I have asked you to vote for my photo entries on contests before. Well, I've entered another one in a desperate attempt to win some much-needed cash, and I NEED your help! This campaign is "Your best facial feature", and at the risk of looking very vain, I submitted an entry.

The most important area in which photos are judged is called the "viral meter." This is basically the amount of exposure your photo gets; in other words, the more spread around the cyber world the photo goes, the higher the viral meter will be. This means, people need to be directed to your photo from every possible avenue - social networks being the largest category. (Sooo...if you have already seen my posts about this on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc., don't disregard them; click on every link you can!!)

At the very least, I need your votes and reviews to help me with this. You can vote every 8 hours, and the campaign ends January 18th.


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