February 21, 2010

Random rant about ignorant fans

This is simply a rant, because I found it in my Google alerts and it pissed me off.

This came up tonight in my daily Bon Jovi Google alert: http://www.eff36459.blogspot.com/2010/02/bon-jovi-revisited.html

First off, the girl is clearly clueless when it comes to Bon Jovi - she admits herself that she doesn't like them much, but her sister loves them, that they've never had quite the impact on her as Celine Dion (I personally found that hysterical, lol), and that one of the only good things about them is Jon's sexy good looks.

First off, my toes curl when I hear people say that - call it my devout love and deep admiration for everything that band does, as well as everything Jon is BESIDES a good looking man (father, husband, amazing philanthropist, musician, business manager, come on!) It just really tweaks me when women ONLY like Bon Jovi for Jon, or ONLY want to meet them/see them/get close to them to get in his pants or grope him. (And please don't think I'm outing everyone who thinks he's good looking or who fawns over him, because I think the man's damn sexy myself - have you SEEN my reactions to him in concert? LOL. I just know, unlike quite a few "fans" out there, that there is FAR more beneath that polished exterior.)

So, with that said, the other thing I cannot STAND is when people don't take the time to do their research and not allow the media to spoon-feed them. This girl in her post describes Richie as "an alcoholic and slightly creepy."


My jaw dropped when I read that, and then my poor roommate had to endure a 10-minute rant about how completely NOT true this is. Doesn't Richie's rehab and pulling out of that mess with liquor count for ANYTHING? Doesn't the fact that it was a short stint, that he himself sought help, and that he pulled himself together mean ANYTHING? He can hardly be labeled an alcoholic, come on. When you compare him to countless other rock stars who have never made it this far (or have, and are struggling to keep standing, like Aerosmith members for instance) it's simply not fair to accuse him of that. And creepy? I had to laugh at that - everything I have EVER heard about the man completely negates the definition of "creepy." Jon himself describes him as the one who lights up the room when he walks in - full of laughter, mischief, and the biggest heart you've ever seen. So all I can think of is that this chick met him in person (which I almost hope she did, because otherwise she has NO ground to stand on) - in which case, I'm extremely curious to know what he did or said to come across as creepy.

Wow, this was probably over-doing it as far as a reaction to a simple few lines in this poor girl's blog, huh? lol But it just set me off on related topics, and gave me an outlet to share my frustrations and one of my biggest annoyances: ignorance. Seriously, DON'T TALK unless you KNOW what you're talking about.

Sorry, hope you don't mind this rant. But I'm sure many of you feel the same way, eh?


Misty said...

Perfectly said Becky! I am in agreement on ignorant people with you. They just go with the first thing they hear instead of researching the truth for themselves. It's quicker and easier to just repeat a rumor rather than search out the truth. Richie is anything but creepy, that's the most absurd thing I've ever heard. She's probably one of those you'd have to tell to "stand up" at the concerts anyway, lol!

Hey when you get a chance check out my blog. I'm getting slightly better!

Anonymous said...

You are so right Becky. The girl wrote crap about the band we love. I wanted to comment her post, but that doesn't work. The *comment-function* is out of order.
The only way is to ignorant such people. WE KNOW IT BETTER.


Rike said...

Iris, you're right. Ignore is the only way. People like her don't deserve any attention.

But I have to admit, there are great pics ;)

Undiscovered Soul said...

Well said. I have nothing but respect for the boys and get hugely irritated by her brand of blinkered, unresearched, uneducated nonsense

And Richie?? Creepy?? Gimme a break. Watch any interview and he comes across as totally genuine with a wicked sense of humour. Gotta love 'im!! :) And I'm not just saying that because I'm partial to him. ;)


Sunstreaked said...

Good rant, Becky, and I read her blog too. I gave her some slack in the Richie comments (although I too bristled over the alcoholic half of it), just because she's young. She said Jon's old enough to be her dad.

In sharing Bon Jovi with my daughters, they love the music but they are NOT gaga over the guys, all of whom are old enough to be their father.

And I admit I return the same bland "yeah, he's nice looking" comment to THEIR choices of "hot" guys.

Pretty sure that blog writer will learn more about Jovi now that she's started listening to her sister about their "awesomeness"!

Misty said...

Oh yeah, another annoying thing - the "waa waa thingy and the brim of his hat is funny" WHAT?? PLEASE....

Becky said...

Thanks everyone! I agree, ignoring is the best way to deal with it - and I know I shouldn't get worked up about it. But this was just too much for me, lol.

I thought about commenting on her blog, but really didn't want to start anything (and apparently the comments are disabled Iris?)

And yes, Misty, thanks for bringing up the "waa waa thingy"! I totally forgot to put that in my post - that was just another stab of annoyance for me. It's called a talk box, sweetheart. How can you NOT know that when he uses it on some of the band's most well-known hits?!

And "the brim of his hat is funny". OH. my god. Never seen a cowboy hat before, apparently.

*sigh* Ok, I'm done. Really. Just had to vent my feelings. lol. Thanks everyone!

Anonymous said...

Ok, When I'm told Not to do something, it seems I go and do exactly what I was warned against. I read that stupid girl's blog and instantly regretted it. WaaWaa thingy? creepy? alcoholic? Was she talking about the same man we know and love?

I have the utmost admiration for Richie, he's pulled himself together and got on with life, and compared to other celebs, his problem wasn't that bad.

Oooh she made me so mad. Your rant said it all!


Samborakid said...

very well said...i totally share your frustration! your thoughts on richie and the admiration all true jovi fans share for him is fantastic and inspiring, so well done and thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you Becky. This is the sad part of Bon Jovi fans. This is why they don't always get the recognition they deserve, because there are enough stupid fans like this! I love Bon Jovi for their brotherhood and their music, their amazing good looks are just a bonus! And Richie is a big kid and a teddy bear. His problem was like 100 times less than other musicians/ actors. He has gone like 2-3 years perfectly fine! And I still drool all over them, even if they are old enough to be my father