January 13, 2010

Modern-day Gina gets to see Bon Jovi for free

This is refreshingly good "news" in the Bon Jovi department - instead of laughing at her, they buy her a ticket! I love it.


Fargo Police send maintenance employee to Bon Jovi

Long after the dayside officers leave the Fargo Police Department, Genevieve Schell is starting her own night shift, cleaning the police department. When Fargo Police Officers heard Genevieve is a die hard Bon Jovi fan, they put out their out their own all-points bulletin, hoping to raise enough money among Fargo Police Officers to send Genevieve to the March Bon Jovi concert at the Fargodome.

“Officers are extremely appreciative of the work she does. She comes to work enthusiastic and brightens up our gloomy days.”

Fargo Police raised enough money for two tickets. They gave her gift certificates to boot.

“They did that from their heart. Not many people do that. It tells me what kind of people they are.”

“That some of the line level officers would got together and did something gracious and out of the goodness of their heart is impressive.”

This grandma and great-grandmother sure likes her music and come March, she will have the night off from cleaning to line up with the rest of the Bon Jovi fans to hear the songs she knows by heart. Bon Jovi comes to town March 13th.

“I might be an older lady, but when it comes to Bon Jovi, that is my thing.”

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