June 5, 2011

Aaaand he's back!

Well, as always lately, we hear from the tabloids first. I'm still awaiting an official "welcome home" from Bon Jovi & Co., but this is believable enough to take as the news that Richie IS out of rehab and rejoining the tour in Europe!

I gotta say, I choked up a wee bit. I've missed Mr. Sambora - and I am so happy to have him back. I just hope, truly, that he is fully ready to BE back.

Richie Sambora -- Out of Rehab, Joining the Tour
16 minutes ago by TMZ Staff

Richie Sambora is out of rehab and has just landed in New York City, but he's not staying long -- he's rejoining the Bon Jovi tour.

Sambora told our photog at JFK he was feeling good -- which was evidenced by the fact he signed dozens upon dozens of autographs for fans (check back in the morning for video).

He just arrived from Los Angeles, but plans on heading right back out -- he's meeting up with Jon and the boys for the European leg of the tour. They are scheduled to play in Croatia on Wednesday.

Sambora checked himself into rehab in late April after, we're told, he fell of the wagon.


florbi said...

yeah, I'm also worried that he speeded things up to fit the schedule, but let's hope for the best...

Lori B said...

Well, even if it's too soon, the tour is short enough and then they have all said that they are taking a good long break. I hope Richie, especially does this and comes back next round as strong and healthy as ever.

Anonymous said...

life is circular shit is circular life is shit

Genie P said...

Actually, a couple of members of "Team Sambo" had posted that he was back last week...and it was confirmed by his partner @ WTB more recently...but TMZ was a good final confirmation because we got pics & video too!

I also hope he's not rushing it, but know he's the only one who can truly know. He looks good. Let's hope he feels as good & can keep it up.