June 9, 2011

Bon Jovi Radio 24/7

I think I read about this a few weeks back, when I was drowning in final exams prep, so I never had the chance to a) check it out, or b) share it here.

Today, I had the time to do both! ;)

Some dear soul has started a Bon Jovi Radio blog, which streams Bon Jovi music all day long, 24/7. Now, when I'm at home, I simply input "Bon Jovi" to my iTunes search box and play my entire Jovi collection on shuffle, which is essentially the same thing.

But, when you're out and about at work or otherwise away from your personal music collection, this is a damn good alternative.

So, check it out. Be aware: it starts playing as soon as you open the site, and the audio control box (on the left side, below the blog header) doesn't show up immediately. But once it does, you can stop and play as often as you'd like.

Happy listening!


Claire M. said...

Until now, Bon Jovi is still my favorite band ;)

Jen said...

Thank you SO MUCH for the link! Listened all day at work and am still rockin' out tonight...this is fantastic!