July 18, 2011

America in Italy

I think this is just plain COOL.

Have you all heard about/seen the awesome choreography fans pulled off in Udine, Italy? I just started hearing about it last night, and even Bon Jovi has posted something on their Facebook about it:

WOW! The crowd in Udine gave us a HUGE surprise last night- check out this picture! Fans to the left held up signs to create the American flag while fans to our right spelled out "JOVI." In front of the stage fans held Italian flags and letters which read "THIS IS ITALY- WELCOME BACK!" This is one of the most memorable shows we ever played in Europe. Thank you for the love and for creating such a memorable display, Italy! INCREDIBLE!

Here's a video showing it (thanks pandamatto!)

And some pictures (thanks to David Bergman and Debee1015 at Debee1015's World)

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Hilde said...

This was awesome, kudos to whoever made it happen! Only thing is, it makes the rest of us look pretty dull...