August 27, 2011

New Richie solo album?

A little video of Richie and Nikki from a UStream chat last night has been floating around cyberspace...with rumors of a new Nikki record, a new clothing line...and a new Richie solo record!

However, the video has been removed from YouTube, and Nikki has requested on Twitter that all links to it be removed from all social media.

I was able to see it before it disappeared completely, but I think I know why it did.

Nikki did most of the talking in the video, and after her announcement about her new record and their new clothing line "NikkiRich," she really put her foot in her mouth and said there were "exciting things on the horizon for Richie too".

Richie played dumb, and Nikki turned away from the camera with her hand over her mouth to whisper to him - to "remind" him.

To be honest, Richie seemed annoyed. But I think he knew he had to perform a bit of quick damage control, so he DID then say that he was working on new songs for a future solo Richie record...but made it plain that they were working on her stuff first.

So. Since it came straight from him, I believe it. But the timeframe could be anything from a year to ten before we see anything come of it. And we still have to wait for OFFICIAL confirmation of it - since this seemed like a big slip on Nikki's part. lol

Still, it's great to know he's FINALLY considering/working on something!!

Now, Rich, did my question on Extra have any influence on this decision of yours? ;) Hehehehe! (Kidding.)

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