September 17, 2010

Thinking of joining Backstage JBJ? DO IT.

So...most of you aren't Backstage members (anymore), but the FC is launching "Year 22" and there's a new referral program for this year. Whomever refers the most paying members to Backstage With Jon Bon Jovi will win a pair of tickets to the final night of the 2011 tour, backstage access, and an INTERVIEW WITH JON!

Um, okay. I cannot even BEGIN to describe how very much that would mean to me. My heart is pounding and I'm shaking just thinking about it - it's a long, deeply-embedded dream for me, especially as a journalism student. It would be the most special, precious experience of my life (well, so far, lol.)

Obviously that's a huge incentive for every single other FC member trying to recruit members too, but I was hoping if I threw this out there first, maybe you could help me out.

I know it's a long shot.

But if you were thinking of rejoining, or if you have never joined and were thinking of doing so this year, can I kindly ask you to do so through me?

It would mean the WORLD to me - I'm even prepared to send you a thank-you gift Jovi-style (merchandise, anyone?)

Please consider it. My referral link is: (you MUST join through this link or I will not get credit. The banner at the top of my blog is linked with my referral code, too.)

Plus, you'll get these goodies if you purchase a silver or gold package (or there's an online only package, the cheapest version):

Thanks so much everyone. I would REALLY appreciate your help!


Dawn said...

Hey Bex! Does this work for renewals too?

Becky said...

Hey Dawn! I don't think it does, unfortunately. :( The official rules says someone who "isn't a member already". So if had a break between renewals - like a period of inactivity, and then you sign up again, that probably works. But not if you renew an existing account. :(