September 8, 2010

Greatest Hits tracks + cover

So I'm the last to report that the tracklisting for the Greatest Hits 2010 edition will be revealed track by track per 10,000 people who "like" their page on Facebook.

As posted on FB:

For every 10,000 new people who "like" our page we will reveal a new track that will be on our Greatest Hits album! Check out what's already revealed under the "BandPage" tab and get your friends to join our page! The faster people join, the faster we will reveal! Also- the brand new songs will have a 30 second sneak peak so click that "like" button!

And the cover for the album was released today:

And in other news - I FINALLY met Jon!!

(haha - I WISH.)


rutpop said...

Love the picture Becky, you secret is safe with me ;-)

Misty said...

Lol, nice job on the picture Becky!