September 13, 2010

New pics + David Bergman (tour photographer) insight

Oh man, what a day for Jovi goodies. Thanks to everyone who left these delicious little gems in my inbox, they were a lovely surprise to wake up to on a Monday! And I positively swooned over this one:


Gawd, is it just me, or does this photo MELT YOU too? I literally stared at it with my mouth open, heart picking up, my eyes probably hungrier than they should be when looking at a married man. But damn, the little peekaboo and smile? THUD. I find those little quirks immensely sexy.

And then these:

(with Argentinian composer Bebe Contepomi in NYC)

(last four courtesy of David Bergman, tour photographer)

And thanks to Hath for posting this on her blog - an inside scoop, behind-the-scenes look at Bon Jovi on tour, by David Bergman. Echoing Hath here, make sure you watch all the way to the end. It's worth it. :)

Enjoy your week, Jovi-ites! xx

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