October 6, 2010

Bon Jovi = Universally Embarrassing?!

Okay, as a diehard fan, this made me angry and sad in many ways.

This site discusses Hallf of Fame nominees and their eligibility...and the things they have to say about Bon Jovi are, well, not so nice.

Here's the stream podcast of the interviews with critics about how deserving each nominee is:

(for Bon Jovi's piece, fast-forward to about 11:00, until 15:00 - )

I have to say, I am usually pretty open-minded and try to understand everyone's point of view before I attack them (I am a journalism major, it's my job.) But I will go ahead and say, even after trying - and failing miserably - to understand this woman's perspective, that she is ignorant and has a head full of cotton.

It is pretty damn ballsy to call a 25+ year old band with the #1 current top-grossing tour, countless #1 hits in several countries since 1983, and hundreds of millions of albums sold "universally embarrassing." And that's exactly what she called them. Or, actually, in her words - "him." (Which I KNOW pricks many a fan's ears annoyingly.)

"Most people know him for Ally McBeal"?! Do you live under a rock? Most people I've met never even KNEW he was on Ally McBeal!

She claims that Bon Jovi is merely glamorous and well-known, and that "this is the Hall of Fame!" Background music, my ass. Pretty boys, my ass. It's "they're just an '80's hair band" all over again.

I'm sorry, but this one really flipped me out. It gets under my skin to hear anyone talking about Bon Jovi like that, but when it's a so-called established critic it really boils my blood.

And the fact that the public is so astonished to hear the name on the nominee ticket? (Referencing this poll.) That honestly breaks my heart. I actually hurt for Jon and the guys because I KNOW how hard they've worked over the years. I KNOW all the blood, sweat, and tears they've put in, the enormous talent each of them brings to the table, and the pure passion they have that underlies everything and makes them a rock music and live act powerhouse. And the fact that people can't see that saddens me so deeply, because when it comes to the honors they could earn - MTV European Music Awards or Hall Of Fame inductions - and other people don't take the time to delve into the magnificent and mind-blowingly talented career they have...it's simply unfair.

What are your thoughts?


Kelli said...

You know.. it was really difficult listening to that. Part of me was saddened by all she said, and the other part of me is really pissed off. HOW DARE SHE! I mean, I respect everyone with an opinion.... but this woman just sounds like and idiot, and doesn't even know what the hell she is talking about! Bon Jovi has some of the most beautiful lyrics I have ever heard!

...GRRR!! this woman must be destroyed! lol

seastone said...

C'mon who cares for critics! I didn't listen to this, I just read what she said:» my ass this, my ass that...". Yes, she must be very intellectual!
Don't get mad because of bad critics. In fact I've been hearing this b**s**t since the 90's. I've become immune. They are full of jealousy and ignorance.
The numbers, the facts, the fans speak for themselves.
A superfan from Greece

Anonymous said...

she is a beeatch!!! She sounds like a total ditz head, like one of those valley girls from the 80's. I bet she wants Donna Summer or LL Cool J in the RRHOF - now that's ROCK !!!!
I wish these critics new what they were talking about instead of spewing cr-p all the time!! They are bunch of jealous wanna be's. They couldn't be musicians so they ended up being critics. The only thing that sucks is to be here.

Bon Jovi WILL be in the RRHOF !!

Anonymous said...

sorry typo above.... should be : The only thing that sucks is to be her. !! ;)

HAND to all the critics out there!

Shaun C Bryant said...

Becky, I have just posted 2 posts on my FB profile (Shaun C Bryant) because that woman incensed me so much! What an airhead! Jovi are the best and inspired me to write and perform my own music....what exactly is her contribution to the world? Digging the Dirt? Pah? She just hasn't got a clue has she? Love your blog...check out my page at www.reverbnation.com/shauncbryant and have a listen! Love n stuff, Shaun x