October 25, 2010

Monday morning news bits

Once again, I'm behind my fellow east coast bloggers - but I just woke up an hour ago and had these notifications in my inbox (Google alerts, emails from friends, etc.) so I'm just now getting these up. Sorry for the delay. :)

This Is Love, This Is Life
The third single off the Greatest Hits compilation (due out Nov. 9, 2010) has been released! You can hear it here.

Look for "The More Things Change", which will be streamed on Wednesday!

Scotland in 2011
According to www.music-festivals.co.uk, Bon Jovi is slated to play Scotland in summer 2011 - along with a lineup of other UK dates.

Bon Jovi are set to return to Scotland in 2011. This year they played a residency at the O2 Arena in London playing 20 odd dates in June. Bon Jovi are set to return to play outdoors, and are lining up a huge outdoor conccert at the home of Scottish Rugby Murrayfield in June 2010 according to scottish paper the daily record. They wanted to play at Hampden Park but Take That have secured Hampden Park. The US Rockers Bon Jovi fronted by Jon Bon Jovi, will play other live dates in the UK with Wembley almost a dead cert. The Bon Jovi Wembley date is expected to be 29th July 2011. Before this Bon Jovi are to perform live on the X Factor Results show on 31st October 2010, it is therefore expected that Bon Jovi Stadium Concerts will go on sale on Friday 5th November 2010. An Bon Jovi UK Tour announcement is expected on 27th October 2010.

Remember, nothing is official unless released by bonjovi.com or BackstageJBJ. I'll let you know when I hear official deets.

Jon was surprise guest at Baron Conference
JBJ showed up as the surprise entertainer guest at the 19th annual Baron Conference at the Metropolitan Opera House on Friday.

Read the story here.

Richie and Ava at Power of Youth
I was at home in San Diego, but Richie and Ava were spotted at the Power of Youth event in Hollywood, CA on Sunday. The event spotlights and honors the endeavors of star youth's involvement in charity/philanthropy, and promotes it to the public.

Papa looks proud - and why wouldn't he?! That beauty is only 13 years old and already looks like her beautiful mama.

Don't forget - Jovi on X-Factor!
Thanks to Hath for the clarification of the X-Factor appearance next week - apparently Saturdays are performance days and Sundays are elimination days. Bon Jovi will perform along with Rihanna and Jamiroquai, and will "most likely" perform "What Do You Got?"

Since the show isn't broadcast in the States, you can watch a live feed here.

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