October 26, 2010

Backstage JBJ referrals

So several people have told me since Backstage JBJ launched their referral program contest that they would join the fan club through me - and I appreciate it GREATLY. Two people have already done so, and I thank you!!

I found out today that renewals DO COUNT. I'm surprised, but one of my recruits was a renewing member, and I got credit.

So, please. I'm asking again (and will continue to do so) - PLEASE, if you want to join Backstage or renew your membership, if you've been out of the fan club loop lately and want to get back in, or if you simply just want to help me out (:)), I ask you to kindly sign up to Backstage through me. The top banner on my blog links directly to my referral code, so if you sign up through there, I get credit.

I would REALLY appreciate it - the ultimate top recruiter will win the grand prize of an interview with Jon at the last show of the tour, along with tickets to the show. Obviously many a fan would love this opportunity, and I, as an aspiring music/media journalist and broke college student (LOL), am included in that.

Thank you for considering it, and I hope you join! :)

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