October 22, 2010

New track - "No Apologies"

One of the four new songs that will be included on the Greatest Hits album (released Nov. 9th!) was released on www.bonjovi.com today.

"No Apologies" - you can hear it here.

Or download the MP3 here!

What do you think?

I like it so far - it sounds very Circle-y, but the whole young kid growing up on the streets, estranged from his father thing is very traditional Bon Jovi (almost a little too repetitive, too, but well...)

It's a good upbeat, fun song and I think it's going to be GREAT live! It's a good stadium kicker, so that's one plus - but I feel like the music kind of drowns out the vocals in a way. I thought that from just one listen, so I figured maybe I should play it again - but then I've seen several other people feel the same.

So maybe that's something to consider - but then again, my boyfriend might be happy with the heavy guitar and drums. LOL!

Give it a listen and tell me what YOU think!


caseyfaith said...

Kind of a mixed bag for me. I think the changes of tempo are very interesting. I'm hearing a lot of Bells of Freedom in several places. Still hoping for a harder rock sound though.

Arquitectura Compatible said...

don't you think it could be easily remixed by David Ghetta? That beat put me off a little bit at first, (I hope this is just a phase)but then I put more attention on the lyrics and the overall melody and I kinda liked it