October 20, 2009

The Circle: snippets and lyrics

So I finally caved and listened to the snippets of the songs on the album page of Amazon UK.

And HOLY MOLY. Many of the fans I've talked to say they aren't thrilled with the way the album sounds so far, but *I* LOVE it. I was telling Dee that a lot of the songs have this beautiful nostalgia to them, along with that familiar adrenaline-rushing kind of singalong, crank-it-up-in-your-car kind of feel where you smile at how these men, once again, know what's in your heart. It's so tantalizing, refreshing - yet comforting at the same time: the same Bon Jovi sound but with new, fresh material.

Sure, I heard some recycled lyrics that made me smile - I think Jon just can't let go of them - but ultimately, I think this album is going to be one of my favorites.

In any case, I've been obsessively soaking up the snippets for the past hour, and I figured I'd crank out the lyrics (that I heard) for you all. I'm a words person, and therefore a lyrics person, and I love the stories Bon Jovi tells.

So enjoy, and while you're listening, let me know - what do YOU think so far??

1. We Weren't Born to Follow
This road was paved by the homeless and the hungry
This road was paved by the winds of change
Walking beside the guilty and the innocent
How will you raise you hand when they call your name?
Yeah, yeah, yeah
We weren't born to follow
Come on and get up off your knees
When life is a bitter pill to swallow
You gotta hold on to what you believe

[The full lyrics to this song can be found here.]

2. When We Were Beautiful
I'm hanging in, you're holding on
Can't pretend that nothing's changed
Even in the shadows of the love we've made... (?)

3. Work for the Working Man
Never getting back what I'm given
Could someone somewhere help me justify
Why these strong hands are on the unemployment line
And there's nothing left for what's on my mind
Who's gonna work for the working man
Work for the working man
Get your hands in the dirt
Who's going to work off the curse...

4. Superman Tonight
Maybe I'm cynical
Painfully logical
You're tragically beautiful
and that's good enough for me
Looking for a hero
But it's just my old tattoo
Tonight I swear I'd sell my soul
To be a hero for you...

5. Bullet
For the pink slip of an SUV
The night cut down in tragedy
As he defends another generation breakdown (In defense...?)
Yeah, yeah
What is the distance between a bullet and a gun
God, are you listening?
Or have you just...

6. Thorn In My Side
...to let me know I've been
Pushed around, been knocked down
Lost a round of three (I think?)
I've tossed a couple of things I loved
When I was too blind to see
But I'll survive
I gave up on luck but I'm still gettin' by...

7. Live Before You Die
I was much too young to understand when he would say to me
When you're young, you always think the sun is gonna shine
There'll come a day you'll have to say hello to goodbye
Sit down son, come take my hand, look me in the eye
Take these words
Promise me you'll live before you die...

8. Brokenpromiseland
Angels falling from the sky
Imagine that, imagine that
Nobody's getting out of here alive
No turning back, no turning back
Who's gonna bail out all our shattered dreams...

9. Love's the Only Rule (my favorite so far!)
One man's ceiling, another man's sky
High, flying like an aeroplane
Cryin' like the lonely whistle of a long black train
Dance in the pouring rain
Spit in the eye of a hurricane...

10. Fast Cars
The dark road we've been heading down
Trust me tonight, I swear I know where we are
We're gonna run all the lights
We're gonna blow right through the radar
Fast cars
We are fast cars
How can I pretend
The signs don't say dead end...

11. Happy Now
What would you say to me
If I told you I had a dream
If I told you everything
Would you tell me to go back to sleep
Take a look in these tired eyes
They're coming back to life
I know I can change...

12. Learn To Love
I was lost in love's blindness
When you're born without wings
All you dream of, all you want
Is that feeling of flying
Of rising and climbing
(halle halle??)
We're one breath away...

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