April 6, 2010

Greetings From Vegas

Greetings from fabulous Las Vegas!
(We're staying at the Luxor!!

While Bjorn and I are romping the Strip, sipping cocktails and soaking in the sights, Bon Jovi has been enjoying a bit of a vacation as well. Even though I brought my laptop and we have free internet access (a first in our many travels!), there hasn't been too terribly much to report on the Jovi front.

However, the band just Tweeted and Facebooked (yes, those are new verbs in this generation) that they are back on the road and ready to hit Minneapolis next, so the set lists, pictures, and news should resume their steady stream I imagine.

If you missed my last two posts, be sure to check them out: the band is doing another live stream from Dallas, TX this Sunday...and they have announced three new summer tour dates (including a 4th Giants/New Meadowlands.)

Which brings me to this week's poll - because I have the best parents and boyfriend EVER, I will be realizing my long-time dream and traveling to New York next month to see the legendary Giants performances. I am BEYOND ecstatic. I'm still trying desperately to get my hands on tickets, but until then, I was curious who is going to which shows. I guess the anonymity factor in a poll doesn't help me know WHO is going when, but it's cool to know which of the nights are the most anticipated.

I for one am trying for the 27th and 29th of May, because I just kind of know from years of being a Jovi fan that the opening night will be standard vanilla. And I'm traveling cross-country for NON-vanilla, thank you very much. ;)

So let me know when you're going. I cannot WAIT to meet some of you!

Oh, and the contest for the Jovi goody pack has ended, so when I get home I will draw the winner at random and announce it this Sunday.

Have a great rest of your week my friends!


Queenie said...

Glad to hear you are enjoying your birthday vacation!

In answer to your poll (which I voted) I'll be at the show on the 29th...

Laura said...

Hi! I will be at the 3 shows May 26th, 27th, and 29th. So glad you are able to go!