April 22, 2010

Haven't voted for Superman on VH1 yet? DO IT.

Because if it gets to #1, Jon and Richie are going to do an acoustic version of it...in their DRESSING ROOM.

VERY cool perk and way to get us all to vote, LOL. And dudes, I know that doesn't make your blood flow like it does mine, so do ME and us LADIES the favor and vote, okay?!

From Facebook:

See the video here

hey everybody
thank you so much for helping ‘Superman’ get to where it is on the vh1 charts, which is currently at #4! of course we want you to help us get it all the way to #1 and keep the single going as we wind down on this leg of the tour.

but I will make a bet with you and a deal: if you can get it to #1 on the vh1 top 20 charts richie and I will do a special acoustic version of ‘Superman’ in our dressing room just for you guys.

get it to #1 and force us to sing you a song.
thanks a lot for your help – jbj

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