April 21, 2010


Um, so thank you to Misty for bringing it to my attention that my Photobucket account wasn't allowing right-clicking on images. I had NO idea it was disabled, and she's been wondering why for the past few months she couldn't save pictures from my blog...and all along we thought Blogger just didn't like her! LOL

I apologize, I was completely unaware (I don't even remember ever setting my account to disable right clicks.) I have changed that as of this morning, so you should be able to save all the pictures I post on my blog now: just click the thumbnails and right click and save from the larger size that shows up on Photobucket.

I can't believe I've been posting pictures for you all the last 15 months or so and you've been unable to save them - no one said anything before! LOL sorry about that!

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Misty said...

So glad it wasn't just me Becky!