December 9, 2010

Bon Jovi = stadium rock

This is a cool little article from Australia's Herald Sun.

Although, I have to admit, I do NOT like that Jon keeps reminding us all that they won't be touring for awhile after this tour, or that the touring days could have an end on the horizon. *sigh*

(And I think that picture is terrible. LOL.)

Sing Along With Jon Bon Jovi
By Kathy McCabe

As long as Bon Jovi exist, there will always be stadium rock.

Critics may proclaim it a dying "art", but Jon Bon Jovi and tens of thousands of adoring fans at their opening Australian concert in Perth on Wednesday night haven't heard the death knell.

The American rockers have survived bad hair and pop culture's bad moods and tantrums to remain one of the most successful acts of the past three decades.

After witnessing their opening night on The Circle tour, their secret to longevity is revealed.

It's the hits and the man who sings them.

Try not singing along to Livin' on a Prayer - it's impossible. Or It's My Life, Bad Medicine, Wanted Dead Or Alive, Always.

Even if you are not a Bon Jovi fan, those songs have wormed their way into your memory courtesy of jukeboxes, backyard barbecues and supermarkets.

Jon Bon Jovi himself is a rock music conductor as much as he is a singer, songwriter and musician. Armed with a megawatt smile, he plays the audience as much as the songs, urging them on with "Are you still with me?" and constructing all the right moments for them to raise their voices.

It's part medicine show, part revivalist church with the latest concert video technology to help even those in the nosebleed seats to get a front seat view.

Before the show, Bon Jovi said he can't see himself trying to raise the Rolling Stones' bar and continue touring for the next two decades.

"I can't see me being 68 and running around that stadium stage. I have to get a hobby," he said.

Jon Bon Jovi also revealed that the band would perform a medley of their hits during Oprah Winfrey's Sydney shows.

The band have flown into Melbourne in their private jet.

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