December 11, 2010

Larry King Live vids

We're still awaiting online versions of the segment that aired Thursday, but two clips have cropped up outside CNN's locked videos.

I can't figure out the order of the clips, though, which is why I hate when they break it up. Can't they just record the interview in its entirety? LOL

As I find more, I'll let you know. And if anyone can help out, I'd appreciate it!


Other videos on CNN's YouTube:

"You won't see me tweeting"
Robin Hood restaurant
From bar band to big time


The Goddess Hathor said...

Hi Becky!!! Love the new blog layout :)

Catte uploaded the whole LKL to my Mediafire here split up into 8 segments, where the commercials were.

~ Hath

Becky said...

Thanks so much Hath!! I missed it on tv the other night so I've been searching everywhere to find it. :)