December 4, 2010

Just because...

I thought it was time for one of our "just because" moments again. I often get into these nostalgic, trip-down-memory-lane Jovi moods during the weekends, and tonight is no exception.

I LOVE "An Evening With Bon Jovi" - and particularly enjoy watching it with my boyfriend, even though he makes some sort of comment about Richie's axe, the chord progression, historical facts about guitars, etc. every five minutes and won't let me enjoy the music. LOL! (Love you, hon! :P)

But I am a woman. And as much as I love the music, the "Just Because" moments are for shallow, unashamed, guilt-free swooning over musicians who were blessed not only with musical talent, but damn fine good looks too. (And the ability to use them to their advantage.)

So swoon away.

1 comment:

Cathy said...

Those photos are from my favorite video of Jon singing my favorite song "Bed of Roses" while his hair is my favorite look on him!