December 17, 2010

I love it live.

As any Bon Jovi fan will attest to, there is something purely magical about the live gig. It's not just a show date, or just a stop at a particular city's venue - it's a thrilling, adrenaline-producing, fist-pumping, emotion-triggering performance.

The "live" component is what makes the experience of being a Bon Jovi fan complete. You simply have not lived until you have seen a Jovi gig, period. It is the staple of every fan's journey with the band, and reinforces our passionate devotion to those men. When you are inside those walls, whether arena or stadium, Bon Jovi blows the roof (or sky) away and rocks your heart out - and those 2-3 hours are indescribable. The experience is unlike any other; it can't be compared. You simply get lost in the atmosphere of rib-rattling music mixed with thousands of fellow screaming, singing fans - the emotion and adrenaline overtake you, and each song is a fresh start and fresh jolt to your energy, just when you thought you could stand on your feet no longer.

It's the reason we all count down the days to a concert, the reason I for one was uncontrollable and hyper as a teenager awaiting mine. I STILL get anxious, excited, impatient, jittery, and bouncy though, but mind you, I'm a naturally energetic person. LOL.

With all that said, I have been spending my evening watching the Live at MSG DVD - which can explain all this sudden reminiscing about the "live" experience. ;)

I'm house-sitting for the weekend, so I have the house - and 20-inch plasma screen w/ surround sound TV - all to myself. Even in this living room, with a snoring dog on the couch and two murderous cats chasing each other down the hall, I am transported to the 30,000-strong audience on the screen and find myself unable to sit still. I started out my doing my workout to the soundtrack of the DVD, but couldn't make myself stop after 45 minutes of cardio. I kept dancing, singing, jumping, acting like an idiot in this house with no one but the animals to stare at me.

Then "In These Arms" started. I couldn't dance to that, but it didn't mean it was rest time. ITA is one of my all-time favorite Jovi songs - it is special and meaningful in so many ways, as it is to my boyfriend (so you could say it is "our" song.) And I got to thinking how much I love that song live. It's beautiful on the studio recording, but it is just so much more raw, passionate, and haunting live. It's definitely one of my favorites - if not my top favorite - song to hear Bon Jovi play in person.

Other particular live favorites that are even better live than their studio counterparts include Blood On Blood, Hallelujah, Captain Crash, Raise Your Hands, and Keep the Faith. I think I'd prefer to hear any song live over the CD, but these are just so much more alive when they play it right in front of you.

On the other hand, I'd love for them to branch out and play other songs they either never - or hardly ever - play live. I'd love to hear Satellite (from the box set), Richie's If I Can't Have Your Love, David's Memphis Lives In Me, Stick To Your Guns, Love Me Back To Life, Lie To Me, Something to Believe In, If That's What It Takes, Wild In the Streets...

But then there are some - like These Days, Dry County, Hey God, etc. that really can't be played live anymore since Jon can't reach those notes. He already strains on Always and Dry County, which is a shame, because those are two beautiful and incredible songs. Luckily, they've given Richie the spotlight to do These Days and Homebound Train lately, which I LOVE.

So my question for you all is - what's your favorite song to hear live? And which would you rather hear on CD in the clean, polished recording? I'm thinking about making this a poll question too, but in the meantime I'd love to hear your opinions!


Jen said...

I'm hoping to hear Never Say Goodbye live in Toronto in Feb 2011. That was the song that hooked me back in 1987 when I first heard it (I think I was 8 yrs old at the time). I love so many of their songs for so many different reasons, but NSG is my baby, and I'd die to hear it live (literally, I'd probably faint if they played it & would then have to rely on YouTube for the experience, lol).

rutpop said...

Becky he just did These Days in Sydney and damn fine job I must say -gave me chills, and Richie's guitar mmmm makes me melt. They better be bringing stuff like that home to us ;-)

Johanne said...

Hi Becki, there are so many songs that I've never heard live, that I'm unable to choose. But, if I have to choose one, I would like to hear "Learn to love". I hope they will do it in Montreal in February. On CD, I really really love all those smooth versions on "This left feels right". This CD is playing non-stop on my CD player at the office. Can't get enough of Jon's sulky, jazzy, sexy voice on these.

Greg said...

Hey Becky,

First let me say you hit the nail right on the head with "ITA". That song especially live brings everything into a special focus within the 5 or so minutes of musical genious. Jon seems to really enjoy when they play live, and we get a personal Top 5 songs from there entire 25+ year catalog. So glad a true fan like you feels similar. As for a live song I would love to hear live it would be "Without Love" from SWW. Despite my best efforts I have never found a recording or record of this being played. The album version is pure genuine take me back to the 80's album rock genre great, but would love 2 see them drag this one out from the archives. I bet this song if re-released as a single today would be a Top 10 For a more recent request how about "Fast Cars". Fun song and unlike LH, they did not repeat the effort to play the entire Circle album in one show. Loved that intimate show they did for LH. Wish they would do it again for this album...So to sum up in Vegas 4 the show I wan't to hear from the vault...ITA, Without Love, Wild in the Sreets, NSG, Story of My Life (another great lyrical hidden gem), and Stick to Your Guns....Viva Las Vegas. Can't wait.

Merry X-Mas to you and Yours....Thank You for the Jovi Jingles!

Greg and Suzy

Arquitectura Compatible said...

Having seen them just ONCE live, I have to say (and I know it gets old really quickly if you go to many shows) it's my once-banished-from-my-playlists Bad Medicine. What a party it was! So much energy!!