December 10, 2010

Tico Torres: Rock Star Baby

I hope that, if you're reading this, you know what Rock Star Baby is. If not, you especially NEED to read this post!

But whether you have heard of it or not, it's worth a refresher course. Tico is so talented in so many ways, and I have always loved his baby/toddler fashion line -- I just never had a reason to buy from it! ;)

The line (shop) is now offered through the official Bon Jovi store, which is how I also found out that the RSB website has been revamped (not sure when, but the last time I checked it was quite some time ago.)

I snatched the new photos they have of Teek with babies, because if anything melts my heart more than sexy rock stars, it's sexy rock stars with kids.

So check it out, browse around, and enjoy the visual appeal if nothing else.

From Rock Star Baby's official website:


Tico Torres has been with Bon Jovi from the beginning he is a respected artist not only as a musician, drummer - but also in the art world of painting & sculpture. His profession has taken him all over the world, attending many events & fashion shows.

Whether shopping over the years for friends, or more recently, for his own son, Tico hoped to find hip baby and toddler clothing, but the market was consistently lacking. There was plenty to select from in pastels, but hip grays, blacks and whites were non-existent. He chose soft cottons, high quality and timeless cuts in time, the rockstarbaby collection was born.

The two ideas, rock'n'roll and tradition live quite separate life and styles, they meet here to produce this classic combination of a desire to do what's right for your child and still having that edge, quite simply the best of both worlds in black and white. It has an energy that out lives a fashion or a passing trend, and is exists without a compromise to either the design of rockstarbaby or the quality you would wish for your child.

The aim was to have a place you know you can go and choose a cool gift for the "new release". Proudly packaged and ready to give. Care has been taken to appreciate this and our attention has returned to the online store, the perfect stage to show case this concept. So no matter where you are, what time of day it is - you can find what you need, when you need it.

The brand uses the true colors of rock - black & white with shades of grey in between - all designs were created with these cool kids in mind. Something that you wouldn't normally expect to work - but because the integrity of both areas are not minimized it's a rock'n'roll harmony.

It's the personal design and philosophy that Tico brings to the brand that makes it complete. Simplistic in essence, it is the clean lines which define the balance.

The brand's initial focus was textiles for babies, toddlers and kids up to six years of age, however has naturally grown to include accessories such as pacifiers, baby bottles and just recently a cool collection of sunglasses for both kids & adults, available both in Europe and the US. Each line carrying the rockstarbaby finger print.

An extended collection, exclusive to the internet is soon to be launched. This will give you the opportunity to buy gifts for the the "Star" - anytime, anywhere.

As Tico says "Every baby is considered a Star".

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