December 10, 2010

Jovi leads in 2010 world tours

No surprise there, but still positive news to smile about as a fan. :)

You can read the entire article here.

Ten of the top 25 tours of the year were logged by artists who have risen to headlining status in the past decade, and three of the top tours are by artists in their earliest days of touring: Lady Gaga (No. 4), Taylor Swift (No. 15) and Justin Bieber (No. 19). In fact, all three of them have yet to hit their 25th birthday.

But, as is typical, the road veterans ring up the biggest box office. Bon Jovi's Circle tour (which has morphed into a greatest-hits tour that extends into 2011) leads all touring artists. Grossing $146.5 million, the four New Jersey boys played for 1,591,154 people at 69 reported shows.

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