March 28, 2011

Vancouver videos (Night #2)

I found them on YouTube and have been living in video la-la land since then. LOL.

My friend who was in the pit with me got some great videos - if she cares to share, I will let you all know.

For now - enjoy!

You can see me in this video! White Bon Jovi trucker hat, white tank, having a blast to Jon's left. LOL!

I just LOVE the insert/cover during Bad Medicine - especially Hot Legs! It's a fun crowd-pleaser! And yes Jon, it's SO unfair that you have a million girls running after you in a rock and roll band, LOL. And that little tantrum he throws as he stomps around "I need a respirator, cuz I'm running out of breath..." LMAO. Love this!

FAVORITE!! Such a FUN song - I LOVE IT!

This was such a beautiful performance. *sigh* When he jumps down on the ledge below the stage, he was just to my left...then when he holds out his hand during "Mama I've got to try", he was right in front of us and smiled at my friend and me. YEEE!

I knew this would crop up sooner or later - glad it's sooner! This makes my stomach clench with butterflies, remembering the night. WHAT a performance!!


Johanne said...

Hey Becky, reading you is almost like being there live! Your enthusiasm is contagious ;) now I can't wait for May 4th to get here!! Really nice review and videos! Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work!

Cassia said...

I see myself on It's my life video!!!!!!!!!! Front row rocks! Thanks for the videos and reviews.

ijojo said...

Looking for work, work working man video in Vancouver Rogers arena March 26, 2011. If anyone has it or has seen it please email it to me. I missed recording it and wish that I had. Thank you, Jo

email address is