March 22, 2011

My dream set list (Jon, are you reading?)

So with my final stop on this tour coming up Saturday night, (have I mentioned I'll be third row? Not sure if I've bugged you all enough yet) I'm thinking more and more about the set. And how close I'll be to the band. And how I'm going to die of happiness.

Anyway. Since Vancouver holds some special value - with the origins of Slippery When Wet and all that - and since Saturday night is going to be "A Night With Bon Jovi," with no opener, I say we should get a long, kickass show.

So I've written this little open letter to the band, in the crazy hope they'll actually see it. ;)

Dear Bon Jovi,

How are you? I hope you are doing well. Thank you for the great show in Vegas, and I hope you made it out of there safely, with the crazy weather.

I will be in the pit, third row, in Vancouver this Saturday night, and it will be my final show for this tour. It makes me sad that I won't see you for several years, but I have had a great journey seeing 8 shows since last February, and my dream of seeing you in New Jersey (New Meadowlands Stadium) came true. I have never been closer than 6th row, but this Saturday I have 3rd row pit and am just beside myself with excitement.

I have LOVED every single concert I have ever been to, and I'm not complaining about the set. You could sing the ABC's and I'd still watch, rapt with attention, and then cheer and shout enthusiastically. However, for my final show, and for your SWW birthplace, and for the Night With Bon Jovi, and just for the hell of it, I'd love if you could pull out all the stops. Give us another Mohegan Sun. Knock us off our feet.

Because I'm telling you, I KNOW for a fact that fans are coming in from worldwide to see you. I personally know people from Jersey, Norway, Japan, and Australia (and I'm from California) are coming to Saturday night specifically, and that's just who I've heard of in my own circle!

So, consider the following set list. Obviously, I am probably clear off my rocker with some of these suggestions, but I did say it's my DREAM set list. So maybe just get a few ideas. Okay?

Thanks very much for considering it, and I'll see you Saturday.


My Perfect, "Only In My Dreams," Night To Remember Set List:

Living On A Prayer
Radio Saved My Life Tonight
Blood On Blood
Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen From Mars
Have A Nice Day
Wild In the Streets
Lay Your Hands On Me
Everybody's Broken

Richie: Stranger In This Town OR Undiscovered Soul (I would pee my pants if he did US, as that song is SO dear to my heart)
One Wild Night
Right Side of Wrong
Something For the Pain
Someday I'll Be Saturday Night
Born To Be My Baby
What Do You Got?

Bad Medicine w/ SHOUT! (I actually love when you play that!)
I Got the Girl
Dirty Little Secret
Love For Sale

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
Wild Is the Wind
Love's the Only Rule
Keep the Faith

The Distance (for my boyfriend, whom I met through the fan club, and who lives in the Netherlands. This song pulls on my heartstrings when we're apart.)
In These Arms (also my boyfriend's and my song...I NEVER get tired of hearing this one live. Made me cry in Vegas.)
Satellite (off the box set. I know, fat chance in hell, but I've always wanted to hear it!)
Never Say Goodbye (perfect ending to my last show, methinks)

And I'd love if David could do Memphis Lives In Me and Tico could do Waltzing Matilda or Only In My Dreams somewhere in there too!

A girl can dream, right? :)


Anonymous said...

Becky, Tico doing Waltzing Matilda at the 94 Christmas show is one of my fondest Bon Jovi memories !!


Becky said...

That's AWESOME! I would LOVE to hear him or Dave sing something...and I adore Richie singing solo this tour, but I'd love if he did some of his own stuff. You're a lucky girl!

Robyn Abney said...

ooohhh....this would be a great set list!!! Most of my favs in there, too...can you add that those of us in the Deep South going to Atlanta, GA in May would also like to see a repeat of Mohegan Sun (or your dream set list)?? Lordy, Lordy, that would be awesome

Becky said...

LOL, Robyn, here's hoping for you! :)

Greg said...

Well Becky, As we sit here jealous of your trip to Vancouver for a last round, It was very cool to see your "Dream Setlist", I always wondered what yours would include...Here is mine. Again, We all can dream and create a playlist in the iPod to match the dream :-) Have a blast, take lots of pics, but mostly breath it in like air one last time...

Dream Venue - Wembley Stadium
Greg's Dream Setlist
Blood On Blood
You Give Love a Bad name
Story of My Life
Born to Be My Baby
Ride Cowboy Ride
Stick to your Guns
Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen From Mars
Drift Away (Cover)
I Don't Like Mondays (Cover)
Fast Cars (Never Played Live)
Without Love (Never Played Live)
I'd Die For You
One Last Cigarette
Everybody's Broken
I Am
Livin in Sin'
Wild Is the Wind
It's My Life
Have a Nice Day
Who Says....I know It's Alright one too many times, but still a personal favorite
Raise Your Hands

In These Arms
Wild In the Streets
Livin' on a Prayer

Second Encore:
Never Say Goodbye