March 22, 2011

Justin met Jon!

Do you all remember Justin, the guy whose family campaigned to get him to meet Jon in Salt Lake City?

Well, he got his wish tonight. :)

I literally teared up reading this -- I have followed Justin's journey just like so many others for the last several weeks, and I can truly say I am SO happy for him. What an amazing experience and memories to last a lifetime! Congratulations, Justin!!

Idahoan's lifelong dream came true Tuesday: He met Jon Bon Jovi
- Idaho Statesman
Published: 03/22/11
Justin Mitton fulfilled his dream Tuesday night -- he met Jon Bon Jovi.

Justin Mitton, a Twin Falls man who was born with Down syndrome, has been a lifelong fan of Bon Jovi. Tonight he got the ultimate 40th birthday gift: a face-to-face meeting with his hero.

Mitton, whose nickname is "Bergie," met Jon Bon Jovi backstage before a concert in Salt Lake City Tuesday night. His family wore T-shirts with the logos "Living on Bergie's Prayer" and "Bon Jovi Live: Justin's Dream Come True."

In January, Mitton told The Idaho Statesman that he was pretty sure he had listened to Bon Jovi every day since he discovered the band as a teenager.

Mitton, who turned 40 in February, has worked at the Smith's grocery store in Twin Falls for 10 years, bagging groceries and helping customers.

His family began working on trying to get a backstage meeting with Bon Jovi in December, launching a Facebook page titled "Help Justin Meet Bon Jovi." Two days after a Statesman story about Mitton, Bon Jovi's brother, Matt Bongiovi contacted Mitton's sister, Sara Mitton Cox of Boise.

Mitton's family has posted photos of Justin meeting Bon Jovi on Facebook. The singer signed Justin's T-shirt.

You can see more photos and details on Justin's Facebook page.

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Anonymous said...

I'd been following this too & was so thrilled to hear about their meeting last night.

Just another thing to add to my list of things to love about Jon. :)

Genie P