March 4, 2011

Mohegan Sun - 3/4/11

Holy CRAP what a set list. OH my lord. Bon Jovi, PLEASE do something like this in Vancouver and I can die a happy fan!

Radio Saved My Life Tonight
We Weren't Born To Follow
Lost Highway
Whole Lot of Leaving
Thorn In My Side
Wild In the Streets
I Got the Girl
The More Things Change
Blaze of Glory
In These Arms (DAVID on vocals!)
Superman Tonight (acoustic w/ Lorenza Ponce)
Living In Sin
Who Says You Can't Go Home
You Give Love A Bad Name
It's My Life
Wanted Dead or Alive (Richie vocals)
Bad Medicine
Livin On A Prayer

Encore -
Hey God
Raise Your Hands


Karen said...

WHY oh WHY Can't I make Vancouver work? UGH! :(

Peg said...

Awe Karen - you will be missed.

We can only hope we get a set list like that in Vancouver. Whatever we get, I know they are both going to be great shows!!

Thanks for the updates.

Anonymous said...

OK,Iam a huge Jovi fan and have seen him about 7 times. This set was terrible last night. Worst Jovi concert I have ever been to. He should limit his touring to 1 year on and 6 months off as the band is just tired.

Becky said...

Karen - what about nosebleeds?! :(

Peg - here's hoping!

Anon - I have to admit, I was shocked to read your comment. A terrible set? I was joining the play-by-play on twitter and even those of us sitting at home were freaking out over the set! Texts were flying in from people thrilled with the surprises, and I would have LOVED to be there last night. It's such a refreshing and exciting change from the normal, humdrum, predictable routine. I'm sorry to hear that you feel otherwise.

Jessica said...

I hope this doesn't sound mean but maybe anonymous is not the "huge" Bon Jovi fan they claim to be. Did you not know the songs that were being played? Granted I was not there like I would have loved to have been. I did not see the interaction of the band with each other and the crowd. Having been to a few more that 7 shows in my Jovi career, the latest last Friday at MSG, and having several friends at the show I assure you this setlist was a welcomed change from the same ole same ole Bad Medicine, Living on a Prayer and Who Says you can't go home. Not saying that I don't love these songs and how the band performes them. It's just nice to know that maybe Jon and the guys want to give the die-hard fans like myself something we have not heard live in years.

Anonymous said...

OK-being a HUGE Bon Jovi fan for years, and been to many many shows over the years, I have to hole heartedly agree with anonymous! It wasn't so much the set list, as it was fabulous, although I must admit, when you read the set lists of EVERY other show they've done on their tour so far, we DID get short changed. They've done at least 25 songs, if not more, and played for hours at all other shows. We got 2 hours, approximately 20 songs, and hardly any interaction with the audience. Don’t get me wrong, 20 songs is decent, but when you hear the feedback from the other shows, one can’t help but feel slighted. He just did not appear to be himself. He just appeared to be totally wiped out in my opinion! Then to read that the Madison Square Garden show was 3 hours long and 28 songs the next night with no opening act????? I wonder if perhaps he was sick that night because he just was not himself on stage!