March 28, 2011

Vancouver Night #2 - my pictures

FINALLY I got these sorted out. The lighting was TERRIBLE at this show, so even being 3rd row I got some crappy, washed out pics...and a LOT of blurry, useless ones. It was rather frustrating. :(

But I did get a handful of good ones, so I'm sharing them with you. Even some of these are blurry or washed out, but I like them because they're of Jon in front of me, David smiling at me (which got totally shaken up...can you blame me?!), and Jon making a SILLY face (he looks like an evil should be able to tell which one I mean. LOL!)

Anyway - enjoy! Feel free to save them for personal use, but kindly do not use them for other purposes without my permission. Thanks. :)

*These start with some pics I took around downtown Vancouver, which is a beautiful city. There are only about 7 of them before the concert pics. If you want to view the pics one by one, click on the link that says "view all".

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Renee said...

Nice pictures! Thanks for sharing.