March 10, 2011

Spotlight On...Something For the Pain

I was watching video from the New Meadowlands Stadium shows last May (almost a YEAR ago, can you believe that?!) and feeling very nostalgic. Those shows are by far my favorite shows of all time, because seeing Bon Jovi in their hometown, in that atmosphere, is EPIC. There's nothing like it.

But I got particularly emotional watching Something For the Pain from the third night. (I was just behind Tico in the pit, but I have yet to see myself in any of the videos.) What really got me tonight was the nostalgia - emotions came flooding back to me from that night, the trip in general, that summer, the months leading up to it, the challenges and struggles and hardships I faced before I could be rewarded with the most amazing concert under the Jersey night sky. It's a powerful song - the melody is poignant, and touches my heartstrings. The lyrics are relevant to anyone who is human.

It makes me think of growing up. Of being kicked to the ground, and getting back up on my feet. Rejoicing in all the beautiful pleasures of the world, and aching from the unpleasant cuts.

It's yet another example of how this band has a hold of my very core - and can never fail to make my heart sing.

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Arquitectura Compatible said...

I had always wondered how they'd manage to do that song live...and when I saw this my foot went into my mouth, what they've done with this song is just amazing and yeah, just when I thought they couldn't rock my world any harder...