May 26, 2010

Hello, New Jersey!

Greetings from the Garden State! I arrived near midnight last night, with a beautiful view of the NYC skyline from the plane (had no idea I could see it from there, lol). I've been to NY before, but never to Jersey, and I'm loving it already!

I'm finally realizing that I will actually be at these New Meadowlands shows -- and Jen and Lori surprised me last night with a possible ticket for tonight's show too!! I have section 5 for tomorrow night, and pit 3 for Saturday, but I very well might be in 118 tonight too...fingers crossed. Jen has been so kind and good to me already, I owe her big time (especially for picking me up at the airport 3 hours later than scheduled -- drinks are on me, Jen!)

I'm already enjoying the warm (hot) Jersey sun...and will soon be rocking out to its favorite SONS as well!! I've got plans to see many of my east coast friends these next few days, and I can't WAIT (it's been three years since we last got together!!)

I'll report back soon after the shows, and you can bet there will be TONS of pictures coming in. Until then, enjoy yourselves, wherever you may be around the world!
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Joanna said...

Welcome to NJ!! But don't forget you were in Hoboken 3 years ago, and that technically is NJ although I like to think it is an extension of NYC. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Lucky you! Have fun,girl :) Say our boys "hey" from me :)
Pam (itsrosiee on twitter)

Becky said...

Hey Jo!! I haven't forgotten Bjorn and I stayed with you in Hoboken...I forgot it was Jersey!! LOL well now I can spend soe more time here ;) we're doing the Jovi tour tomorrow with Trish and Linda!

And hey Pam! I will be sure to send a big HEY to them from you!! :)