May 20, 2010

Vote for my friend's son!

Hello lovely readers - have you missed me? I've been kept VERY busy with moving back home, unpacking, cleaning, running errands, shopping, babysitting, getting ready for my trips, and re-packing. LOL. But I will have blog entries up very soon! ;)

So this post isn't about Jovi, but another one of my favorite artists: Keith Urban. I had the lucky opportunity to meet him in a Backstage Experience during the Love, Pain, and the Whole Crazy World Tour in 2007, and he was THE nicest and most down-to-earth (and short) guy I've ever met.

Now my friend Lori Broslovsky has the chance to win concert tickets AND a special Backstage Experience meet & greet for her little boy, William. He's a huge fan of Keith Urban, and finds particular pleasure and growth in music (something special to note, as he is autistic.)

Lori and William would appreciate your vote so much -- help them meet Keith Urban!

All you have to do is go to this page on Facebook:
(click "Vote Now", and then select "Loretta Broslovsky" when the finalists appear)

You can vote daily. Thanks for your help! :)

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