May 5, 2010

Pit for Giants?!


So I have two new heroes: Rike (you all know as the ever-constant supply of Jovi goodies!), and my roommate Danielle.

Rike tweeted me today that there were PIT TICKETS ON BACKSTAGE AVAILABLE FOR 5/29. (Some of you remember I pm'ed Backstage a few weeks ago and they said they wouldn't be selling anymore? And I didn't believe them? Yeah.) And thanks to my new Blackberry, I got the tweet (so I guess that's a hero too, huh?) and generally started panicking...I was at work!!

So I called up my roommate and thank GOD she was in our dorm, and she dropped everything to log onto Backstage and enter my username and password (all three times...I swear, they make it like an obstacle course to get into the ticketing site)...and there were tickets available.


45 minutes after Rike had tweeted me!! I honestly couldn't believe it, I figured they would just be crap seats in the rafters. So I asked her to select the options and 1 ticket, and see what came up.

Guess what came up.


OMFG. I think I waited about .000001 second before I was yelling GET IT!!! GRAB IT!! OMG!!!

I was freaking out in the hallway of the school where I work, scrambling for my credit card info and generally shaking like a leaf while I waited with bated breath for Danielle to say: "Done, confirmed."


Sorry, I know I must sound like a nutcase, but I have NEVER been in the pits. NEVER been to a stadium show. NEVER been to Giants. And NEVER thought I'd be able to do all three at the same time! A stadium show is big enough, I figured even the rafters would be fine with me since it's such a treat to be there. But I am one lucky b!tch...because I will be enjoying BON JOVI from 8th row in the freakin' pits, on Richie's side...and then can turn around and enjoy the view of their...backs...when they're on the catwalk. :)

I am SO excited, and SO happy. May 29th cannot get here sooner!!

P.S. That image is from 2006, the Giants Stadium shows during the HAND tour. Those of us non-attendees gathered for a huge PBP on Backstage, and I vowed to myself I would one day be there in person. I can't believe it's really happening now. That makes my other heroes my mom and dad and boyfriend, for sending me there in the first place. :) MUAH!


Queenie said...

Congrats on getting in the Pit Becky! I'll be there on the 29th as well, but I have a seat in Section 142 (Richie's side). This will be my 3rd time seeing them at Giants (granted this is The New Meadowlands Stadium but that's just semantics).

That picture you posted, I was at that show. If I remember right, he dropped to his knees and pulled his shirt up over his head right after that. :)

You're going to have a ball in the Pit. I can't wait to see the pictures!

Anonymous said...

hey Becky....congrats on Pit tickets. I was luckey enough to score pit tickets at the Sunday show here in Dallas.....we were 4th's an experience that you will never forget. I have some awesome pics, some 300 to be exact...will post them as soon as my puter has a little rest time. lol, enjoy, it will be the best night of your life!!!!! I so wish i could get from Texas to NY for one of the shows, i'm still hopeful, but not sure i can make it happen.

rutpop said...

Sooo Happy for you, hope I get to see you and say Hi in person ;-)

Big Apple Jovi Girl said...

WOOHOO girl! I'm so excited for you. We're gonna have a blast!