May 27, 2010

Night Two: 5/27



Bon Jovi seriously rocked our asses tonight...and that's saying something for me! I'm usually very able to get through the entire show, but the jumping and dancing and screaming and energy tonight KICKED me in the cahoonie...I'm already stiff and sore and my throat is actually swollen!

I really want to write a full review replete with moments and songs and everything the band did, but my brain is currently fuzzy and falling asleep quickly. And the Advil is kicking in to take care of my throat, and shutting my body down...telling me to go to sleeeep!

So. Review from tonight's show will follow tomorrow, I promise. (As well as a review from Wednesday's show, since I got to go last minute!)

Oh, and some pretty nice pictures if I do say so least from our vantage point, they're pretty damn good.

Until then, I'm off to SLEEP. Will check in tomorrow!

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