November 6, 2010

100,000,000 Bon Jovi fans don't care.

Idit Geva, the girl who posted the "Want to see Bon Jovi live?" video, has started a group on Facebook to coincide with it. Her campaign is:

High prices? We Don't Care!
Ruthless marketing by Fan Club? We Don't Care!
Through the wind, through the snow, through the driving rain - we'll follow Bon Jovi anyway, anyplace, anytime - That's how much we care about their music.
All we ask - is that the band, the management and Backstage With Jon Bon Jovi will not take advantage of our crazy undisputed loyalty.

This group is by the fans, for the fans, for us to shout out that, as idiotic as it may be, we'll do everything we can to be in that Bon Jovi concert, and have our voices heard, so the powers that be know that although we are buying the tickets, we are not happy with the treatment we receive.

This group is here for you, the true Bon Jovi fans, to use as your protest home. Share your thoughts, post images of you with an "I Don't Care" sign, upload your thoughts to youtube and share the link here... whatever you think is appropriate. You and me can turn a whisper to a scream.

At first I was hesitant - sending the message to the band that "we don't care" could go a few different ways, one of which being that we don't care about the prices and will still follow them blindly.

She encourages group members to upload photos of themselves with all of their Jovi memorabilia - concert ticket stubs, passes, photos, setlists, fan club cards, etc. all with a sign saying "I don't care." I'll probably do the same (eventually, since all my Jovi stuff is at home in San Diego, not here with me in L.A.) but include a tagline about not taking advantage of our loyalty.

I think the group and her campaign have a lot of potential, and I'm intrigued about it. I might contact Idit and ask if she needs help running or promoting it - I think if the right message got out and fans got behind it, it could be a powerful movement.

So check it out - Facebook groups get around by members simply adding other members, so I might add those of you who are friends with me on FB just so you can see what it's about. And don't give up on it, I think we could really take this somewhere.

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