November 4, 2010

You make me smile.


So I just finished laughing my ass off at the Want to See Bon Jovi live? video yesterday, and I'm more than fed up with the fan club and ticket prices...but God dammit, the man still makes me smile.

I've never had a personal beef with any of the guys even through my frustrations with the management. And I could sit here for hours discussing my sometimes double-edged sword relationship with the whole enterprise of "Bon Jovi", but the fact remains that I still remain a true-blooded, loyal, steadfast fan to the music and the men.

I've now met two members, and both have been so gracious and kind to me that I went away sobbing. My personal encounters with them are forever engraved in my heart, and as such, I will always associate them with the kindness they showed me to my face. Because that speaks volumes.

There are too many memories, too many emotions, too many friends made, changes in my life, and too much love invested in them to ever give up on them completely. And watching this little video, I just couldn't resist smiling back at Jon's dorky, silly, nerdy self and remembering why I fell in love with him - and them - in the first place. Because they are my heroes, and (hopefully) always will be.

So for the "Jon girls" - enjoy.


VictoriaJovi said...

That was awesome, it certainly made me smile! Thanks for the reminder of why we fell in love with him in the first place.

Becky said...

Glad you liked it! And you're most welcome - I think we all need a reminder about that lately. :)

Misty said...

Love this Becky!